What is the AIG?

The Association of Inspectors General is a non-profit, membership organization for agencies and professionals in the inspector general community. Our mission is to promote “excellence in the inspector general community by establishing and encouraging adherence to quality standards, sponsoring professional development and networking opportunities, certifying individuals in IG-specific disciplines, supporting offices in governmental and external relations, and inspiring governmental entities to embrace the inspector general model as an effective tool in the fight to combat waste, fraud and abuse.”

What are AIG’s core activities?

• Twice a year in different cities throughout the United States, the Association sponsors through its Inspector General Institute®™, a week-long training and certification course. There are four distinct courses within the Institute: the Certified Inspector General® (for inspectors general and their senior staff); Certified Inspector General Auditor®, Certified Inspector General Investigator® and Certified Inspector General Inspector/Evaluator®. Upon successful completion of a certification course, which includes a comprehensive examination, the attendees receive certification from the Association signifying that they meet the professional standards of inspector general, inspector general auditor or inspector general investigator, as set forth by the Association. You can learn more about the Institute by clicking here.

• The Association establishes and maintains the “Principles and Standards for Offices of Inspectors General.” Also known as the “Green Book”, the AIG’s Principles and Standards establish criteria for creating and administering inspector general offices consistent with best practices within the inspector general profession. A link to the Green Book can be accessed by clicking here.

• The AIG hosts an annual training conference to provide educational and networking opportunities for members of the inspector general community.

• The AIG and our six Chapters sponsor webinars of interest to the IG community throughout the year that afford continuing professional education (CPEs) credits.  Many of these webinars are free or of nominal cost to members.

• Through our website, LinkedIn social media account, and our online newsletter – the IG News, the Association keeps members informed of news, trends, and developments pertinent to the inspector general community. Click here for the Association’s LinkedIn page.

Who runs the AIG?

An elected 37-member board of directors sets the policy for the Association, adopts the annual budget and hires and supervises the work of the executive director. The current President of the Association is Will Fletcher, the  Inspector General of Chicago Public Schools. Board Members serve a three-year term of office. For a link to the current Board of Directors, please click here.

On a day-to-day basis, the AIG is run by the Executive Director. The Association’s administrative offices are located within Department of Public Management at John Jay College, and the part-time staff of the Association consists of students enrolled the Department of Public Management’s Masters and PhD programs. For more information about the AIG staff, please click here.

How many chapters does the AIG have?

The AIG currently has six chapters: District of Columbia, Florida, Illinois, New York/New Jersey, Texas, and Western States.

How many OIGs are there in the United States?

The Association has identified approximately 200 public offices dedicated to government accountability and oversight. You can access a list of the oversight agencies that we have identified and links to their websites here.

How do I register as a member?

You can register by accessing the payment due/registration page here.

How much does membership cost?

We offer a number of membership options that vary in price from $35 to $125 per year.

How do I access the payment form?

You can access the new member form here.
You can access the membership renewal form here.

How often are Institute certification courses held?

The Institute typically offers certification courses twice annually. You can learn more about the upcoming courses here.

How often are training conferences held?

Training conferences are held annually. You can learn more about the upcoming training conference here.

Can I join the Association if I am not yet employed in the field?

Yes. Registration is open to everyone. Students are also encouraged to register at the special discounted fee of $15.

What networking opportunities are there for members?

Members will have the opportunity to meet and network with inspectors general, as well as professionals, students, and other members of the IG community by participating in Association sponsored events. In addition, as a board-certified member of the National Association of States Board of Accountancy (NASBA), training conferences, Institute courses, and training workshop attendees are eligible for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits.

Are there volunteer opportunities?

Yes. Members of the Association can volunteer to serve on committees that are chaired by Board of Director members. Students are encouraged to volunteer with planning events and conferences and generating content for our website. To learn more, please contact us.