Our vision statement reflects the community’s expectations about the office of the inspector general and what an organization made up of OIGs is meant to do.

Advancing integrity and accountability in government through independent oversight.


Our mission statement describes our role within the Inspector General community, how we serve our members, and why our organization exists.

Promoting excellence in the inspector general community by establishing and encouraging adherence to quality standards, sponsoring professional development and networking opportunities, certifying individuals in IG-specific disciplines, supporting offices in governmental and external relations, and inspiring governmental entities to embrace the inspector general model as an effective tool in the fight to combat waste, fraud and abuse.


Our values guide the way we govern our organization, make decisions, and carry out our actions. 








The goals of the Association of Inspectors General are to:

  • Encourage professional development and provide a professional network
  • Foster policy research and analysis
  • Standardize practices, policies, conduct, and ethics
  • Sponsor educational programs
  • Establish professional qualifications, certifications and licensing
  • Encourage interdisciplinary scholarship
  • Conduct joint educational ventures
  • Exchange information and ideas
  • Identify trends


In 1996, a group of state, local and federal inspectors general and academics recognized a need for an umbrella organization to represent the growing inspector general community and to establish standards and best practices for inspectors general offices. The Association of Inspectors General was established at a meeting on October 26, 1996 by a formal signing ceremony held in Historic Carpenters’ Hall in Philadelphia, PA. The official meeting established the framework for the Association and concluded with the signing of the Association’s charter by 49 individuals including inspectors general, professional staff and educators from across the country.

The Association holds three national events during the year: two Inspector General Institutes®, and in conjunction with the Association’s annual Board of Directors meeting, a national training/conference.

In additional to the national organization, there are 10 local chapters of the Association that provide training and networking opportunities for chapter members.

The Association of Inspectors General is incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Its administrative offices are housed in John Jay College of Criminal Justice within the Department of Public Management.