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POSITION SUMMARY:  Under the direction of the Deputy Inspector General and/or Deputy Inspector General and Chief of Chicago or Springfield Investigative Division, serves as a staff attorney in the role of Assistant Inspector General (AIG).  The incumbent is responsible for drafting summary reports for investigative cases conducted by the Office of Executive Inspector General (OEIG) pursuant to the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act; conducting or assisting with research relating to legal, investigative, disciplinary, and other relevant issues; and working with investigators on an ongoing basis to reassess investigative plans and strategies.  This position involves working with information of an extremely sensitive and confidential nature associated with investigations and legal proceedings.




1.     Responsible for drafting summary reports for investigations, and drafting and/or reviewing documents necessary for case closure, including discovery materials.  Summary reports generally include documentation of allegations, investigative steps taken, evidence adduced, analyses of ethical and legal implications, findings, and recommendations for appropriate action.


2.     Conducts research relating to legal, investigative, labor, disciplinary, and other relevant issues under statutes, rules, regulations, and/or agency policies, as well as social media and other publicly available information, in order to learn relevant information and incorporate it into investigative work.  Drafts memoranda or reports summarizing this research, as needed.


3.     Collaborates with investigators and supervisors on an ongoing basis to develop and reassess investigative plans and strategies in order to ensure comprehensive investigations with sound results.


4.     Assists investigators in developing interview plans and strategies to gather, verify, and/or corroborate evidence, and participates in interviews as needed.  Following participation in an interview, reviews the interview report to ensure it is complete and accurate.


5.     Provides legal guidance and proposes suggestions for resolution of legal issues that arise during investigations.


6.     Prepares and reviews subpoenas and/or other relevant document requests, as necessary, in an attempt to obtain relevant evidence.


7.     Ensures compliance with reporting and other statutory obligations by providing input on recurring operational reports, drafting or reviewing correspondence, and reviewing responses and other documents stemming from the issuance of founded reports and referrals.


8.     Assists in investigating and issuing revolving door determinations.


9.     Communicates with other government agencies and law enforcement entities in the course of investigations, or to provide information for and/or testify in administrative and court proceedings, as necessary.  Reviews related pleadings and briefs.


10.  Performs other duties as required or assigned which are reasonably within the scope of the duties enumerated above.

ABILITIES & SKILLS – To be successful in this position, an Assistant Inspector General should have the following:


·       ability to exercise independent judgment, consider facts objectively, identify issues, and make sound decisions;

·       strong ability to research and learn new areas of law and administrative processes and then synthesize and present the information orally and in writing;

·       excellent interpersonal, organizational, and communication skills;

·       flexibility and interest in working both independently and collaboratively in a team environment, including considering and incorporating opinions and feedback of others;

·       ability to effectively communicate with coworkers, interviewees, and representatives of other agencies in a professional manner;

·       ability to balance multiple concurrent priorities;

·       high ethical standards and the ability to work appropriately with sensitive and confidential materials;

·       familiarity with computers, photocopiers, and telecommunication equipment and video conferencing applications; and

·       a willingness to travel, including overnight.


REPORTS TO:  Deputy Inspector General and/or Deputy Inspector General and Chief of Chicago or Springfield Investigative Division






·       graduation from an accredited law school;

·       successful completion of the Uniform Bar Examination or license to practice law in the United States; and

·       ability to obtain admittance to the Illinois State Bar within one year of acceptance of an AIG position.




·       prior legal experience in the area of ethics, criminal, or labor/employment law;

·       experience writing legal briefs or documents, preparing for and/or conducting depositions or examinations at trials, and/or serving as a judicial law clerk;

·       prior professional investigative experience working for an inspector general office, investigative entity, government agency, law enforcement entity, or a related field;

·       proficiency writing and editing detailed reports that are accurate, concise, and free from spelling and grammatical errors;

·       experience conducting extensive document review and analysis; and

knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Outlook, Excel) and other applications.
JOB STATUS:  Full-time, FLSA exempt.  This position is exempt from the provisions of the State of Illinois Personnel Code.


LOCATION: The position is in our Chicago office at 69 West Washington.


KEY WORDS:  Attorney, lawyer, counsel, public service, government



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