Journal of Inspection and Oversight

The Association of Inspectors General is pleased to accept for review professional journal articles concerned with all aspects of the inspector general concept, inspection and oversight, and good governance.

What to send

The Association asks that Journal articles serve to educate the Inspector General Community. Articles can focus on a particular case or event, but should present some form of ―lessons learned.‖ What con-clusions or generalizations can be made that serve to help, enlighten or inform the reader?

  • Length: submissions should be between 2,000 and 4,500 words (approximately four to seven single spaced pages).
  • Place lengthy citations in footnotes. Please include a brief author biography.

Please send manuscripts, saved and attached in MS Word or Rich Text Format, to the editor: Professor Jay Hamilton ( Please include “AIG Journal Submission” in the subject line.

Who can submit journal articles

  • Individuals or groups/teams
  • Not offices or agencies
  • Please, no ghost writers, but group/team authorship can include designation of a principle author (or communicating author) who is not necessarily the person who writes the most or puts in the most time.

The Association and Editorial Board ask authors to include a disclaimer of responsibility and opinion in their paper. For example the first footnote could contain a short disclaimer: Jane Doe is the title for the agency. She wishes to thank John Doe, etc. for comments on earlier drafts. Jane Doe is solely responsi-ble for the opinions and errors.

Newsletter Articles

The Association also publishes a quarterly newsletter.  Shorter articles (under 800) words can be sent to the editor: Professor Jay Hamilton ( with “AIG Newsletter” in the subject line. The Newsletter is an excellent medium for case resolutions, conviction announcements, appointments and other news.