Caulfield Appointed Executive Director of CIGIE Training Institute

Thomas Caulfield, Assistant Inspector General for Investigations, National Reconnaissance Office, and a member of the Board of the Association of Inspectors General,  has been appointed as the as the Executive Director of the CIGIE Training Institute – the training arm of the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency (CIGIE) as their Executive Director of the CIGIE Training Institute.   The CIGIE Training Institute currently consists of the Inspector General Criminal Investigative Academy (IGCIA) at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC).

The mission of the Executive Director is to rebuild the previous Inspector General Audit Training Institute (IGATI) and the previous Inspector General Management Institute, both in the next year, along with enhancing training at IGCIA.  The Audit Training Institute supports the needs of professional Inspector General Auditors, Inspectors and Evaluators.  The Management Institute provides training to help build tomorrows Federal IG leaders/managers.  The management academy will also provide training to lawyers and seniors entering the Inspector General profession for the first time.

Caulfield will be helping the CIGIE put into action their vision that the Training Institute’s overall mission is to provide education and training for managers, auditors, evaluators, inspectors, law enforcement officials, attorneys and other professionals in the Federal OIG community.

Caulfield previously served as the Assistant Inspector General for Investigations, National Reconnaissance Office.  He is a Senior Intelligence Services Officer with over 30 years government service all of which has been associated with law enforcement and investigation. He has been assigned to the NRO OIG for the last ten years. Mr. Caulfield holds various certifications that include Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Certified Inspector General (CIG), and Certified Inspector General for Investigation (CIGI) to name a few. He is a graduate from Wayland Baptist University and St. Leo College, where he received degrees in both criminology and criminal justice. Over the last eight years, Mr. Caulfield has been the Program Manager for a NRO OIG’s procurement fraud focused initiative, designed specifically to prevent, deter, and detect procurement fraud. This initiative was developed by Mr. Caulfield and caused a threefold increase in procurement fraud investigations being initiated by the NRO OIG, and the recovery of millions in fraudulent dollars. This procurement fraud initiative is a cross-functional effort involving all OIG business units, which includes Auditors, Inspectors, and Investigators.