Florida Chapter’s Status Report, October 2015

Status Report
Florida Chapter Association of Inspectors General
October 2015

The Tallahassee Chapter of AIG (TCAIG) was established on March 9, 2001. On May 12, 2010, the Chapter was officially renamed, with approval of the Association of Inspectors General Board of Directors, as the Florida Chapter (Chapter) of the AIG to better represent the statewide nature of our membership. The Chapter operates under the authority of the Association of Inspectors General. The Chapter is a not-for-profit, 501 (c) (6) entity, incorporated in Florida.

Officers of the Chapter are:

  • Robert Clift, President (Florida Department of Transportation Inspector General),
  • Dawn Case, First Vice President (Deputy Chief Inspector General, Executive Office of the Governor),
  • Julie Leftheris, Second Vice President (Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Inspector General),
  • Kris Sullivan, Third Vice President (Audit Director, Florida Department of Transportation Office of Inspector General),
  • Jerry Chesnutt, Treasurer (Audit Director, Florida Department of Children and Families Office of Inspector General), and
  • Charles McCool, Secretary (Florida Department of Transportation Office of Inspector General).

Additional Board Members of the Chapter are:

  • Melinda Miguel (Chief Inspector General, Executive Office of the Governor),
  • Joe Maleszewski, (Board of Governors Inspector General),
  • Jeff Beasley (Florida Department of Corrections Inspector General),
  • Hector Collazo (Pinellas County Clerk of Courts Inspector General),
  • Patra Liu (Miami Dade County Office of Inspector General),
  • Chuck Faircloth (General Counsel, Florida Department of Veterans Affairs),
  • Al Dennis (Inspector General Florida Department of Law Enforcement — Retired), and
  • Maja Parcinski (Senior Auditor, KPMG)

The Chapter hosted two training events in 2015:

In January 2015, Dr Bruce Bickley, Professor Emeritus, Florida State University, taught two eight hour report writing sessions (same course, two days) focusing on grammar, usage, and the Chicago Style. In total 200 Chapter Members attended. The Chapter expended $9000 for this training including instructor fees, course materials, and refreshment costs. Funds to pay for this training were funded by the Chapter’s allocation of $25 for each new or renewing Chapter member (while National retains $10 for administering the membership records of each Chapter member).

In October 2015, the Chapter hosted two more full days of training focused on conceptualizing the investigative report. This training built on the January writing course but focused on the content of the investigative report. This course was taught by subject matter experts in the Florida Inspector General community who volunteered their time to develop and present blocks of instruction to benefit Florida’s IG community at a cost greatly reduced over commercially available alternative. One hundred and fifty Chapter members attended this training.

The payment concept used for the delivery of training to Florida’s Inspector General staff is key to the success of the Chapter’s training program and the Chapter’s membership numbers. Agencies purchase memberships in the Chapter for $35 per person. If the agency is prohibited from purchasing memberships, which is often the case, they purchase training for their staff at $35 per person (which also includes membership in the Chapter).

The Chapter meets five times a year (besides training events). Four meetings are bi-monthly lunch-and-learn meetings (for which the Chapter awards one hour of CPE) and the fifth meeting is a general membership meeting with lunch funded by the Chapter for members. Third Vice-President Kris Sullivan, the Chapter’s Program Chair, coordinated these events.

The Chapter has $9,000 on deposit. Treasurer Jerry Chesnutt maintains the Chapter’s financial records. Second Vice President Julie Leftheris conducted the annual audit of the Chapter’s financial records early in 2015 with no discrepancies. We have a receivable from National for Chapter memberships of $9,150 that has been invoiced but not yet received.

The Chapter offers our members scholarships opportunities to Association of Inspectors General Certification Institutes. For the winter 2015 institutes, we awarded one scholarship for the CIGA course. For the summer 2015 institutes, the Chapter awarded two scholarships, one for CIGA, and one for CIGI. These scholarships cover the tuition payment of candidates who qualify for attendance based on institute criteria. A committee chaired by Chuck Faircloth and First Vice-President Dawn Case selects scholarship recipients. The Chapter’s scholarships are awarded in honor of Kirby Mole, former Inspector General of the Florida Department of State. Kirby valued education and professional certifications. He was a Certified Inspector General, a Certified Internal Auditor, a Certified Governmental Auditing Professional, and a Certified Management Accountant. Kirby passed away November 2010 at the Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, FL. We were proud to be joined by Kirby’s widow and two sons for the award of the Chapter’s first scholarship in 2012.

The Florida Chapter currently has 366 members. As stated above, many join us as a result of the professional development initiatives we host on their behalf using the dues they pay through National with a portion remitted to the Florida Chapter. Normally, a new membership year sees us start with a membership of about 200 and we move upward through the course of the year based on the training events we schedule. After this membership year began however, our first count was 354 members, a dramatic first quarter membership increase! We attribute this to active marketing within the Chapter of the Association’s annual renewal process.

Respectfully Submitted,


Robert E. Clift, CIG, CIGI
Florida Chapter President


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