Website U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command

The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) Director develops policy on Department of the Army (DA) jurisdiction for  the investigation of major criminal offenses. The Director is responsible for the negotiation and finalization of  delimitation agreements with other federal, state, and local law enforcement organizations. In addition, the  director determines policy for the conduct of all criminal investigative matters between DA and federal, state,  local, and foreign law enforcement and security agencies. In addition, determines guidelines and directs the  development of investigative policy and operating procedures for all aspects of a global felony-level criminal  investigation organization and criminal intelligence collection and analysis. Special programs such as the  polygraph examinations, the operation of a certified forensic science laboratory and biometrics operations, major  cybercrime and procurement fraud investigation, protective services for designated United States (U.S.) high risk  personnel, and surveys to determine the vulnerability of Army activities to criminal activity and/or terrorist threats  are also evaluated for scope, and policy determination and program effectiveness. The duty location of this position  is Quantico, Virginia.

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