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The School District of Palm Beach County, located in Florida, seeks an individual with visionary leadership and strong administrative skills experience in a district of over 190,000 students.  The salary will be in the range of $155,000 to $196,965 and include an excellent comprehensive benefits package. The final salary for the successful candidate will be negotiated and determined based upon proven experience, qualifications and meeting Board criteria.


Interested candidates may apply online at

Application Deadline:

May 22, 2020

Job ID: 204912

Due to Florida’s Sunshine and broad public records laws, the documents you submit to the School District, including your name, would be considered public records and would be subject to public disclosure, although some information may be exempt.    





1.    Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher learning in accounting, business, law, criminal justice, public administration, or related field, with Master’s degree or higher preferred.

2.    Preferred certifications include Certified Inspector General (CIG), Certified Inspector General Investigator (CIGI), Certified Inspector General Auditor (CIGA), Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), or Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).

3.    Five (5) years of progressive supervisory and managerial experience required.

4.    Ten (10) years of work experience in one (1) or a combination of the following fields:

i.        As a federal, state or local law enforcement officer/official;

ii.        As a federal or state court judge;

iii.        As a federal, state or local government attorney with expertise in investigating fraud, mismanagement and corruption;

iv.        As an inspector general, certified public accountant, or internal auditor;

v.        As a person in an investigative public agency similar to an inspector general’s office.

5.    Experience in managing through to completion complex investigations involving allegations of fraud, theft, deception or conspiracy.

6.    Demonstrated ability to work with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and the judiciary.

7.    Demonstrated integrity and capability for strong leadership.

8.    Demonstrated ability in accounting, including governmental accounting, auditing, financial analysis, law, management analysis, public administration, investigation, or criminal justice administration or other closely related fields.

9.    Knowledge of governmental regulations, procedures and constraints.

10. Knowledge of Governmental Auditing Standards, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Standards, Statement of Auditing Standards, and Internal Auditors professional standards.

11. Demonstrated ability to work with diverse groups, and effectively communicate, both orally and in writing.

12. Knowledge of current computing technologies and software applications appropriate to the position’s job responsibilities.



Essential Functions:


Please see School Board Policy 1.092 (Inspector General) (Please note: The qualifications in School Board Policy 1.092  are being revised and expected  to be replaced with the job description) and related School Board Policies 1.091 (Audit Committee); 2.62 (Audit Recommendations and Follow-up); 3.28 (Whistleblower Protection Policy); and,3.02 (Code of Ethics).


Additional Job Functions:

1. Follows adopted policies and procedures in accordance with School Board priorities.

2. Conducts oneself in the best interest of students, in accordance with the highest ethics standards of governmental accounting and auditing and traditions of public education in support of the District’s Mission.

3. Performs other related duties as assigned by the School Board collectively.


FRS Designation: Senior Management Reporting Directly to the School Board

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