Director of Accountability Unit

State of Illinois

Excellence for Veterans: The Director of a new Accountability Unit is appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate to a 4-year term and is responsible for overseeing the Unit and conducting inspections on a wide range of subjects to address any potential issues in state-wide services to veterans. Created by statutory authority, the Accountability Unit will plan and coordinate activities to identify, audit and review fraud, waste, abuse or mismanagement of any kind within the State Agency and other services affecting veterans and their families in the community or veterans in congregate care settings. The Unit will coordinate closely with the existing Executive Inspector General of the Agencies of the Governor, as well as make policy recommendations to the State Agency Director. The Director of the Accountability Unit will be responsible for ensuring the day-to-day operations of the Unit, which includes a toll-free helpline, dedicated e-mail address, and other communicative avenues for Veterans, their families, and other stakeholders to report concerns, complaints, or recommendations about services provided by the State Agency. The Director of the Unit is required to create and submit annual reports as a summary of complaints received and actions taken.

Job Duties and Responsibilities: The Director of the Accountability Unit will create and support the administrative structure necessary for the operations of the Unit. This includes but is not limited to knowledge and application of administrative and operations management; understanding the delivery of services to veterans in Illinois; knowledge of policies, procedures and best practices in identification and prevention of fraud, waste and abuse; an understanding of strategies for various interactions with veterans, their families, other stakeholders, other state agencies, vendors, contractors or employees of the State Agency. The inaugural Director of the Accountability Unit will have significant responsibility to operationally stand up the Unit by creating internal policies, operational procedures, workflows and documentation plans. The Accountability Unit Director will develop reports and interact with State Agency leadership, Governor’s Office, Office of the Executive Inspector General, and other relevant parties. The Accountability Unit Director will recruit, train and oversee a small team for this autonomous Unit with supportive services from the State Agency.

Successful candidates will possess: Empathy and excellent judgment skills for regular interactions with veterans, their families, vendors, contractors, employees and other stakeholders. Demonstration of prior abilities to create, develop, expand or execute major programs with administrative and procedural skills. A bachelor’s degree with at least 5 years of executive level leadership is required; a Juris Doctor, Master of Public Administration or similar degree is preferred. A significant working knowledge of the delivery of long-term care and beneficial services to veterans is preferred. Experience in report writing, data collection and analysis, state government administration, formulation and implementation of statutory and administrative code compliance, interactions with bargaining unit employees, and demonstrated ability for collaboration and transparency are preferred skills.

Employment with the State includes generous benefits, such as health, dental and vision insurance, which begins with first-day coverage, as well as paid time off. Pension and defined contribution options are also available. The Director of the Accountability Unit is envisioned to be located in Springfield, Illinois, but could also be located in Chicago or in other Illinois locations. Applicant must have a valid driver license and ability to drive a vehicle. Extensive travel around Illinois or out-of-state, along with non-traditional working hours, to include occasional weekends, if necessary, are expected of this position. The State Agency is an equal opportunity employer.

Interested candidates should forward their resume, CV, and any supporting documentation no later than May 16, 2022 to

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