Investigator II

Website School District of Philadelphia, Office of Inspector General

An Investigator II in the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) for the School District is expected to plan  and conduct advanced level investigations related to allegations of corruption, fraud, criminal activity,  waste, abuse, mismanagement, misconduct, conflicts of interest and other unethical, illegal or prohibited  activities of School District employees and officials, contractors, charter schools and users of School  District services and facilities. An OIG investigator II is responsible for performing a full range of  investigative assignments including difficult, complex, multifaceted, sensitive and confidential  investigations. In addition, an Investigator II should have a working knowledge of internal controls and  processes which can detect fraud and abuse sufficient to evaluate those controls and make  recommendations. OIG Investigators are expected to balance and prioritize a significant caseload under  the direction of the Inspector General (IG) and the Director of Investigations for the School District.

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