Website Public Transportation Services Corporation (PTSC)

Basic Function


Conducts complex investigations to detect and deter instances of fraud, waste, inefficiency, unsafe conditions, illegal activity, and abuse regarding Metro resources, and to keep the Board of Directors and the Chief Executive Officer fully informed about issues affecting Metro programs and recommend opportunities for improvement.


Example Of Duties


Plans, organizes, and conducts complex investigations involving fraud, white collar crimes, waste, and abuse of Metro resources and employee misconduct
Performs investigations of violations of Metro policies, federal, state, or local laws and regulations, covering fraudulent activities by Metro employees, contractors, officers, or vendors
Works with appropriate prosecuting and law enforcement agencies, including United States Attorney General, State Attorney General, District Attorney, or City Attorney
Serves as project leader or oversees team members when conducting complex investigations
Recommends corrective action to resolve problems, abuses, and deficiencies discovered
Presents investigative findings both orally and in writing for determination of the prospective merits of the case
Testifies before grand juries, courts, or administrative hearings on results of completed investigations
Proposes investigations to perform proactively
Completes investigations promptly and thoroughly within reasonable deadlines
Oversees, trains, and motivates any assigned staff
Contributes to ensuring that the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) policies and programs of Metro are carried out
May be required to perform other related job duties

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