Deputy Inspector General of Audits and Reviews

Office of the Inspector General for the High-Speed Rail Authority

Under the general direction of the Chief Deputy Inspector General (Chief Deputy), the Deputy of Audits and Reviews (Audits Deputy) serves as the principal advisor to the Inspector General and Chief Deputy regarding the performance of audits, inspections, evaluations, and reviews (engagements) in furtherance of the OIG-HSR’s mission and responsibility to provide oversight of the High-Speed Rail Authority’s (Authority) management of the high-speed rail project (Project). As a member of the OIG-HSR senior management team, the Audits Deputy has responsibility for contributing to the development, implementation, and continuous refinement of policies and procedures that facilitate the successful completion of OIG-HSR responsibilities outlined in Public Utility Code 187030, including reviews of the Authority’s business plans and project update reports, project management, fiscal estimates, contracting practices, contractor oversight, and proposed agreements. Under the general direction of the Chief Deputy, the Audits Deputy plans, coordinates, and manages a variety of complex, visible, and/or sensitive engagements regarding highly technical subject matter such as parametric cost estimates, cost controls, project schedules, risk management, change order management, and economic benefit and projected ridership calculations. The Audits Deputy has principal responsibility for ensuring that all engagements are of the highest quality and are conducted in accordance with applicable professional standards including government auditing standards and Principles and Standards for Offices of Inspector General. The Audits Deputy must exercise exceptional professional judgment, ethical behavior, integrity, and a commitment to promoting accountability and integrity in government.

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