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The City of Oakland is recruiting to fill the Inspector General vacancy with the Oakland Police Commission.


Under the supervision and direction of the Oakland Police Commission, the Inspector General shall conduct any audit or review of the Oakland Police Department (OPD) necessary to assess OPD’s performance and adherence to constitutional policing practices, and shall also include conducting any audit or review of OPD’s policies and procedures, including any pattern of non-compliance with the foregoing, as necessary or helpful for the Commission to fulfill its duties under City Charter Section 604(B)(4), (5) and (6). The Inspector General shall be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), including but not limited to the supervision and direction of all OIG staff.

The ideal Inspector General candidate will possess a strong commitment to, and a track record in, civilian oversight of policing. That candidate would understand the roots of institutionalized racism in the United States broadly, and Oakland in particular, especially with respect to how institutionalized racism has affected policing. Such a candidate will demonstrate both the emotional intelligence to communicate with accuracy and empathy with a wide variety of stakeholders.

Such a candidate will have experience in measuring police performance, with emphasis on constitutional policing and reform. The ideal candidate would also have a strong grasp of the key challenges in police policy, and recent reform efforts nationally. Ideally the candidate will also understand how federal judicial oversight of a Police Department, like the Negotiated Settlement Agreement in the Delphine Allen case, functions on a practical level.

The ideal candidate will have a thoughtful, team-oriented, long-term approach to building a managing a new department. They will be able to communicate a clear and inspiring vision for how to stand up the new Inspector General’s Office over the next five (5) years, including structuring, recruiting, and inspiring ideal staffing for the office.

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