School District of Philadelphia

This is a 12-month, non-represented role.  The salary grade is 4024.

Job Summary

An Investigator in the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) for the School District is expected to conduct advanced level investigations related to allegations of corruption, fraud, criminal activity, waste, abuse, mismanagement, misconduct, conflicts of interest and other unethical, illegal or prohibited activities of School District employees and officials, contractors, charter schools and users of School District services and facilities. An OIG investigator is responsible for performing a full range of investigative assignments including difficult, complex, multifaceted, sensitive and confidential investigations. In addition, an Investigator should have a working knowledge of internal controls and processes which can detect fraud and abuse sufficient to evaluate those controls and make recommendations. OIG Investigators are expected to balance and prioritize a significant caseload under the direction of the Inspector General (IG) and Deputy Inspector General, Chief for the School District and the Director of Investigations for the School District.

Essential Functions

  • Receives and reviews requests for investigations from the IG, representatives of the School District, and others.
  • Investigates suspected fraud or abuse.
  • Determines the priority/scope of and planning for all phases of assigned investigations, including the coordination of investigative analysts, support staff and others.
  • Interviews employees, managers, executives, contractors, vendors, parents, citizens and public officials to determine and analyze facts to conclude whether School District policies have been followed or violated.
  • Interviews witnesses and suspects to obtain information, evidence and admissions or leads.
  • Conducts surveillance of individuals or locations.
  • Conducts the review of administrative records and reports, financial records and legal documents.
  • Collects, evaluates and prepares evidence for presentation to prosecuting and agency officials and for introduction at administrative proceedings.
  • Evaluates information to determine the credibility and reliability of employees, individuals and private entities transacting business with the School District.
  • Reviews reports of investigations to determine if requested information has been collected and that findings have been substantiated by relevant facts.
  • Prepares detailed reports of investigations setting forth allegations, findings, evidence and recommendations.
  • Substantial investigative report writing and editing.
  • Recommends changes to agency administrative operations in order to prevent future violations and increase program efficiency.
  • Appears in court and at administrative proceedings as a government witness to present testimony and evidence.
  • Works with, assists and/or supervises other law enforcement agents, through participating in joint investigations and other matters of mutual interest.
  • Attends specialized training sessions and conferences as required.
  • Evaluates and examines internal controls and root cause of inappropriate activity and/or waste.
  • Prepares written reports to include recommendations for the District related to the detection, prevention and resolution of activity within the authority of the OIG/SD.
  • Performs related work as required.

Minimum Requirements

  • Juris Doctor from an accredited law school
  • Four years of full-time, paid, professional, financial, investigative or law enforcement experience in a criminal justice, civil or administrative agency which has involved conducting financial, white collar or contract compliance investigations.


  • Any equivalent combination of training and experience determined to be acceptable by the Office of Talent which includes the completion of a Bachelor’s degree as an educational minimum.
  • All work experience related to the position must be included on the resume.
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