Deputy Inspector General

Website Division of Emergency Management

Under the direction of the Governor’s Chief Inspector General, this position conducts, supervises and coordinates audits, investigations and management reviews relating to programs and operations of the FDEM in accordance with the General Principles and Standards for Offices of Inspector General as published and revised by the Association of Inspectors General, s. 20.055, F.S. or s. 112.3189-112.31895, F.S., and prepares reports of his or her findings, recommendations and conclusions.

Incumbent coordinates investigative activities and serves as a liaison with outside investigative entities including, but not limited to the Florida Commission on Human Relations, Office of Fiscal Integrity, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and other investigative and oversight entities.

In conjunction with the Governor’s Chief Inspector General, the incumbent identifies financial, compliance, electronic data processing, and performance audit needs of the Division of Emergency Management and develops an annual work plan by July 1 each year to address needs in accordance with periodic risk assessments.

Incumbent manages the daily operations of audit and investigative projects, evaluations, reviews, and analyses to include: reviewing the scope of the project; planning the project; exercising due professional care and applying professional standards; reviewing, evaluating and completing reports for compliance with professional standards; and communicating the results of the projects to the Chief Inspector General and others.

In conjunction with the Governor’s Chief Inspector General, incumbent identifies and determines programs, activities and systems within the Division of Emergency Management to be audited or investigated.

Incumbent assists in the development of performance measures and standards and procedures for evaluating the division’s programs; coordinates other activities designed to promote accountability, integrity, economy and efficiency within the division; and prepares an annual report not later than September 30 of each year summarizing the activities of the office during the immediately preceding fiscal year.

Incumbent receives complaints and coordinates all activities of the Division of Emergency Management as required by the Whistle-blower’s Act; receives and considers complaints which do not meet the criteria for an investigation under the Whistle-blower’s Act and conducts, supervises, or coordinates such inquiries, investigations, or reviews as the incumbent deems appropriate.

Incumbent reports expeditiously to the Chief Inspector General and the Department of Law Enforcement or other law enforcement agencies, as appropriate, whenever there are reasonable grounds to believe there has been a violation of criminal law.

Incumbent provides consulting services and guidance, recommendations and technical assistance to FDEM managers in furtherance of the effort to prevent fraud, waste, and program abuse in FDEM.

Incumbent monitors the implementation of DEM’s response to any report on the division issued by the Auditor General, by the Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability (OPPAGA), or other external reviewers and no later than 6 months after the Auditor General or OPPAGA publishes a report on the division, in coordination with the Chief Inspector General, provides a written response on the status of corrective actions taken by management of the division and files a copy of such response with the Legislative Auditing Committee.

Incumbent ensures effective coordination and cooperation between the Auditor General, federal auditors, and other governmental oversight bodies with a view toward avoiding duplication.

Incumbent supervises staff in the Inspector General’s office within the Division of Emergency Management.

Incumbent performs other audit or investigation assignments and special projects as directed by the Governor’s Chief Inspector General or the Chief Inspector General’s Director of Audit.

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