Contract Oversight Specialist

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This position reports to the Inspector General (or designee) and is responsible for providing general reviews, oversight and/or analysis of the contracting process for the entire City of Jacksonville Consolidated Government in accordance with the City of Jacksonville Ordinance Code.  Responsibilities include pro-actively reviewing existing processes related to bids, evaluations, negotiations and contract implementation, including design and construction, contract compliance and/or contract auditing.  Additionally, this position provides contract analysis and procurement expertise to on-going Office of Inspector General investigations, audits and activities.  Functions are performed in the spirit of the Association of Inspectors General’s Principles and Standards for Office of Inspector General. Primary responsibilities include:

  • Performs independent evaluations to determine the adequacy, effectiveness and sufficiency of internal procedures, controls and contract management to validate and verify that all work being performed is within the scope of the contract and the government entity has received all required contract deliverables.
  • Ensures that all internal policies, procedures and contractual documents are in full conformance with government regulations and are practiced in a consistent and controlled manner.
  • Assesses compliance of contracts and contractor performance, adherence to contractual terms/conditions and any reported performance issues.
  • Ensures that proposed negotiated terms of contract are consistent with the bid or request requirements.
  • Performs quality assurance reviews by conducting field observations and interviews at project sites to evaluate the operations against defined contract performance objectives and deliverables and ensures that departmental staff is providing quality control.
  • Performs complex financial and/or statistical analysis of proposed contracts and interprets results.
  • Identifies and documents contract risk exposures upon review of the contract terms and conditions.
  • Reviews the processes for initiating and issuing contract modifications.
  • Prepares written and complete reports including observations, findings and recommendations for corrective action(s) and/or process improvement(s) relating to areas of weakness or noncompliance identified during the review.
  • Observes contract and procurement related meetings and interviews project staff to obtain information relative to contract oversight.
  • Notifies the Inspector General of any suspected conflict of interest, fraud, waste or abuse, which may warrant further investigation or audit.
  • Familiarity with design, engineering, construction and construction management principles.
  • Reviews proposed contracts to determine efficiency and/or cost effectiveness.
  • Conducts training presentations related to contracts and fraud indicators.
  • Performs other special projects and work assignments as required.


  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with preferred discipline in Business Management, Finance, Public Administration, Construction Management, Contract Management or Accounting.
  • Must possess four (4) years of progressively responsible experience in one or more of the following areas:
    • Government contracting as a primary or administrative contracting or contract compliance/oversight officer;
    • Procurement or contract management responsibilities to include contract acquisition; developing contract monitoring plans or contract compliance;
    • Auditing of state and /or local government contracts;
      Experience supporting criminal, civil or administrative contract fraud investigations.
    • Experience in a municipal government is preferred.

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