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Title:  Director of the Office of Prevention and Accountability                  _______________________________________________

The Chicago Park District (CPD) is committed to providing an equitable, inclusive, safe, and respectful recreation and work environment free from discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, workplace violence, abuse and neglect of children and vulnerable adults, and retaliation. The Office of Prevention and Accountability (OPA) is responsible for investigating all reports relating to the aforementioned prohibited misconduct. The primary responsibility of the Director of the Office of Prevention and Accountability is to provide oversight and direction to OPA’s policies and operations and perform related duties as required.




Direct, oversee, and guide all activities undertaken by OPA (Office of Prevention and Accountability). Manage a team of investigators and a case intake specialist. Monitor caseloads and conduct case strategy meetings. Review investigative reports and outcome letters prepared by investigators. Review initial complaints and direct investigative strategies and plans. Ensure the referral of appropriate matters to and monitor cases being handled by outside agencies (including the Chicago Police Department, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, and Adult Protective Services).  Ensure all investigations of misconduct are undertaken and completed in a timely manner and receive complete and appropriate responses and resolutions. Testify at arbitrations, administrative hearings, and court proceedings related to investigations, as required. Work with appropriate departments to collect data regarding unreported misconduct (i.e. exit surveys or statistics regarding employee transfers or resignations). Identify significant structural or ongoing issues, which should be addressed proactively or holistically by the Chicago Park District. Report to Chicago Park District leadership on a regular basis. Continuously identify and integrate best practices with regard to investigations and reporting and stay informed as to developments in conducting investigations. Monitor changes in equal employment opportunity and related laws and provide guidance to Chicago Park District leadership in reviewing and updating policies and procedures. Provide training and management to OPA staff to ensure compliance with relevant laws and requirements. Collaborate with Chicago Park District leadership and external partners to develop content and materials to implement district-wide awareness campaigns and relevant training.




Training and Experience: Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university supplemented with a minimum of eight years of work experience in the performance of fact-finding and investigative research and reporting work with a minimum of three years of supervisory experience in an investigative setting. Expertise and skill in exercising independent judgment in the assessment, investigation, and resolution of reports of unlawful discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, child abuse and neglect, and retaliation. Demonstrated knowledge of best practices and methodologies for conducting investigations, fact-finding, and investigative interviewing.


License Requirement: possessing a valid State of Illinois Class D or equivalent driver’s license.



Preferred background: Legal background (Juris Doctor) in corporate or governmental internal investigations or employment litigation; law enforcement background; Title IX investigative experience; licensed clinical social work experience; and/or background in trauma-informed investigations. Proven record of building and leading complex programs and projects.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Knowledge of relevant federal, state, and local laws regarding unlawful discrimination and Illinois criminal statutes. Aptitude and ability to handle cases of high-level complexity (e.g. multiple subjects and/or multiple allegations). Ability to maintain impartiality and confidentiality in investigations. Demonstrated superior ability to write concise, logical and analytical reports to convey complex issues. Ability to be flexible and adjust availability during non-operating hours based on investigative needs. Demonstrated skills in the areas of investigations, interviewing, conflict resolution and problem-solving techniques. Exceptional analytical and critical thinking skills demonstrated by the ability to analyze information and facilitate resolution of difficult challenges, including the ability to handle issues of complex and extreme sensitivity. Demonstrated ability to prioritize tasks, manage multiple deadlines and work independently while maintaining high levels of organization. Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work with diverse constituents including children, staff and law enforcement. Ability to testify at arbitrations, administrative hearings, and court proceedings in a clear and concise manner.

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