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The Association of Inspectors General presents its Inspector General Institute® certification programs.  Participants receive instruction from highly qualified instructors in core competency areas identified by the Association.  The Association awards the designation of Certified Inspector General®, Certified Inspector General Investigator® , Certified Inspector General Auditor®, and Certified Inspector General Inspector/Evaluator® to individuals who meet the eligibility requirements regarding education and experience, and successfully complete the certification programs.

The next Institute will take place in Jacksonville, Florida, March 11-15, 2024. Applications will open December 1, 2023.  

All applications and supporting documents must be submitted electronically. No mail-in documents will be processed. Each program application is unique to their particular course and are not interchangeable. Click on the program name for the application.

Certified Inspector General® 

Certified Inspector General Auditor®

Certified Inspector General Investigator®, and 

Certified Inspector General Inspector/Evaluator® 

NEW in 2023! Two New Applicant Categories!

The Professional Certification Board will accept applications from two new categories of applicants. The new “cross-training track” and “non-OIG” categories will expand the Institutes® availability to the highly sought-after inspection and oversight training. Click here to learn more about the new categories.

Applicants are responsible for ensuring that they satisfy all eligibility requirements.

All applications are reviewed by the Association’s Professional Certification Board and accepted applicants will be notified of their acceptance and the next steps in processing.



The Association has identified six broad areas of core competency for inspectors general and their senior staff. The Association’s five-day curriculum covers the following six core competency areas:

  • Context of the inspector general function
  • Ethics
  • Legal issues
  • Office management issues
  • Investigating fraud, waste, and abuse
  • Audits, inspections, and reviews


The Association has identified nine essential areas for inspector general auditors.

  • The audit process
  • Professional standards for conducting audits
  • Ethics
  • Internal control
  • Data Analytics and IT auditing
  • Peer review process
  • Identifying and Reporting Audit Accomplishments
  • Fraud Risk Management
  • Statistical Sampling


The Association has identified seven essential areas for inspectors general investigators.

  • The investigative process
  • Professional standards for conducting investigations
  • Ethics in investigations
  • Legal issues
  • Procurement fraud and computer crime
  • Investigative techniques
  • Working with auditors


The Association has identified seven broad areas of core competency for inspectors general inspectors/evaluators. The Institute program’s five-day curriculum covers the following seven core competency areas:

  • Professional standards for conducting inspections/evaluations
  • Inspection/evaluation process
  • Types of inspections/evaluations
  • Evidence collections, analysis, and documentation
  • Ethics and IG inspections/evaluations
  • Working with investigators and auditors
  • Peer review process