President’s Message

AIG President, Melinda Miguel

In this edition of the IG News,  we highlight the activities and accomplishments of some current and former members of the Association’s Board of Directors. As President of the Association, I am honored to work with such a distinguished and dedicated Board. All Board Members are deeply committed and passionate about building and supporting the inspector general community. Board members featured include Robert Clift – Inspector General for the Florida Department of Transportation; Joseph Ferguson – City of Chicago Inspector General; Matthew Harris – Special Agent for the United States Postal Service; Ed Quatrevaux – City of New Orleans Inspector General; Sheryl Steckler – Palm Beach County, Florida Inspector General; Stephen Street, Inspector General for the State of Louisiana; and Betty Vega, former Naval Inspector General for the Pacific Fleet.

I would also like to take a moment to recognize Christopher Mazzella, Inspector General of Miami-Dade County, Florida, who retired after 14 years of service to the county. Over the years, Chris has been a stalwart of the inspector general community and strong supporter of the Association. Congratulations Chris on a job well done.

Finally, I want to report that this month, the Association held its first video-conference Board of Directors meeting over the Internet. Traditionally, the Board met in person, twice a year at our semi-annual conferences. In these financially challenging times, however, the Association decided to hold one of our semi-annual meetings electronically. I am pleased to report that the video-conference was very successful, and we were able to conduct all of the Association’s business in two sessions over a two day period. We are looking toward the use of video-conferencing and webinars in order to expand the services we can bring to our members. You will be hearing more about these initiatives in the coming months.