New Year Brings a New Website

The Association of Inspectors General website has been redesigned to improve services to our members and to further the Association goal of explaining the Inspector General concept to the public and to key policy makers.

Besides generally updating of the appearance and features of the site, a key change is the separation of the members-only site from the public site.

  • The members-only site is now accessible from a log-on available from any page of the primary website. This site provide for membership services, credit card processing of membership dues and event registrations, and member access to the member’s records such as the training transcript.
  • The primary website provides announcements, news, articles, public information, and access to related websites.
  • Related websites include the chapter, conference, institute websites as well as the Association Newsletter.

The Association Newsletter also has a new look. It is formatted like a standard 4-column newspaper. It is searchable, and has a monthly archive of articles.

A new feature is that cases – announcements of results of investigations and studies – posted to any of the chapter websites will automatically also be posted to the Association Newsletter.