2016 Boston Training Conference – Exhibitor

2016 Boston Training Conference

The Association of Inspectors General (AIG) invites the participation of Exhibitors at our annual conference/training event, which will be held in Boston, MA at the Hyatt Regency Boston on November 16 -18, 2016. Our events are attended by a diverse cross-section of the inspector general community, including federal, state, local, military and international IGs and their professional staff members. At our 2015 conference/training event in Detroit, MI we had over 250 in total attendance.

There are two Exhibitor levels available:

  • Level 1 Exhibitor: This is our standard Exhibitor package and includes a table for representatives from your firm to enable them to present and discuss your firm’s services and/or products throughout the conference; invitation to the Association’s hospitality suite; two full admissions to the training event including all included meals (a $1,000 value). (Additional admissions can be purchased.) The fee is $2,950.
  • Level 2 Exhibitor: Includes your providing a banner with identifying information about your company, and providing catalogs or other handout material for all three (3) days of the program. No company representative will be present. The fee is $1,000.

Exhibitors are also identified on the Boston Conference/Training Event webpage with links to the Exhibitors’ websites. Exhibitors will also receive a spreadsheet of contact information of attendees; and the opportunity to include company information in the materials distributed to all attendees.

In addition, we also offer a discount to our Exhibitors who commit to exhibiting at our next 3 consecutive national conferences/training events. If you agree to exhibit at Boston 2016, and Texas 2017, and a yet to be determined location for 2018, we offer a $500 total discount, and agree hold the Exhibitor fees at 2016 prices.

Contact Executive Director, Phil Zisman, for more information. Email: pzisman@inspectorsgeneral.org
Telephone: 212 237-8001

Additional Information

Exhibitors are not entitled to make a presentation during the training program. An Exhibitor may, however, propose to make a presentation on an appropriate training topic, and the Local Program Committee will consider the proposal on its merits. The presentation may not be about the Exhibitor’s organization or its clients or projects. The topic should be technical and topical, not closely related to the exhibitor’s organization. If the presentation is approved, the person making the presentation may not be the person that staffs the Exhibitor’s table. Please contact Executive Director Phil Zisman if you are interested in speaking at the conference.

Because the AIG is a membership organization of inspectors general offices that are responsible for monitoring government activities to ensure compliance with all applicable policies, procedure, rules and laws – including ethics provisions; in order to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest, it is the Association’s policy that Exhibitors are only permitted to distribute items of nominal value (i.e. pens, magnets etc.) to attendees at their exhibition tables. Exhibitors are not authorized to engage in raffles or to otherwise provide meals and drinks to AIG Board Members and other event attendees.

The Association of Inspectors General (“AIG”) is a national 501©3 organization of federal, state, and locally appointed individuals affiliated with Offices of Inspectors General. The AIG seeks to foster and promote public accountability and integrity in the general areas of prevention, examination, investigation, audit, detection, elimination and prosecution of fraud, waste and abuse, through policy research and analysis; standardization of practices, policies, conduct and ethics; encouragement of professional development by providing and sponsoring educational programs; and the establishment of professional qualifications, certifications, and licensing.

Exhibitor tables are positioned based upon exhibitor level and past support.

To complete the Exhibitor Agreement and Registration Form, click here

Level One Exhibitor – $2,950
Level Two Exhibitor – $1,000