2012 Winter Institute Success

On March 2, 2012, the Association of Inspectors General wrapped up its five-day Winter Institute, in Clearwater, FL.  A total of 61 students from local, state, federal and military inspector general offices from all over the country attended. There were 17 students enrolled in the Certified Inspector General Auditor (CIGA) program and 44 in the Certified Inspector General Investigator (CIGI) program.  The students attended five days of intensive classes on a broad array of subjects related to the inspector general, audit and investigative process, and sat for a comprehensive final examination. The consensus of the instructors and students was that the Institute was a great success, and the terrific weather and location was only part of the reason.

Students found the classes to be useful and informative.   A student in the investigator’s class said that after 30 years of experience in law enforcement, the classes provided “new ideas and a good refresher of investigative material.”  There was a general agreement that the classes provided useful information and new ideas to take back and apply to their work for their respected agencies.  Students in the auditor class agreed that the classes were “intense” but very valuable, and gave them new insights into their work.  Uniformly, the students praised the quality of the materials and the skills and expertise of the instructors, who volunteer their services.

In addition to the useful training, certainly one of the highlights of the week was the opportunity for students to meet and network with colleagues in their field. The happy hour in the hotel bar was a great success.  All participants enjoyed the storytelling of their fellow attendees and the sharing of information.  The connections made at the Institute are sure to be long lasting.

The summer institute will be held in West Palm Beach, FL, August 2012. Additional information will be provided in upcoming editions of the IG News and on the Association’s website.

Anita Butler

Editor, IG News