Officers and Board Members


President: Ray Acuña, CIGI; Austin MPI Manager of Investigations
1st Vice President: William Urbina, CPA, CIGA; Internal Auditor – Texas GLO/VLB
2nd Vice President: LaTishia Wheaton, MS/AJS, CLEAR-CFII, UOP-CJLFC, Division Operations Officer of Inspections and Investigations – HHSC OIG
3rd Vice President: Cynthia Sheffield, CIGI;  MPI Investigator, HHSC OIG
Treasurer: David Cantu, MPI Investigator – HHSC OIG
Secretary: Wende M. Young, CIGA, Auditor, Managed Care Unit – HHSC OIG
Historian: Bennie Hookfin, Auditor, HHSC OIG
Parliamentarian: Damon Bosonac,MPI Investigator – HHSC OIG IRD

Board Members:

Ray Acuña
Rosie Barrera
Reynaldo “David” Cantu
Rudy Delgado
Vernetta McGruder
Martin Porras
Cynthia Y. Sheffield
William Urbina
Bradford Ward
Wende M. Young