Summer 2015 Election Results

Hello friends of the Texas Chapter;

I am pleased to announce the Texas Chapter of the AIG Summer 2015 Election Results:

OFFICERS – 2 year term

  • 1st Vice President – William “Bill” Urbina, CPA, CIGA; Auditor – Texas DOT
  • 2nd Vice President – Linda Peña, JD, MPI Investigator – HHSC OIG
  • 3rd Vice President – Cynthia Sheffield, CIGI;  MPI Investigator, HHSC-OIG
  • Treasurer – Jeffrey L. Jones, CPA, CIGA; Contract Audit – HHSC OIG

BOARD OF DIRECTORS – 3 year term

  • Martin Porras, CFE; Senior Investigator – HHSC OIG IRD
  • Mariana Rios, DAFD Data Analyst – HHSC OIG
  • Rosie Barrera, MPI Investigator – HHSC OIG
  • Rudy Delgado, CIGI,MPI Investigator – HHSC OIG


All have excellent credentials to serve in their elected capacity in the Chapter, and I appreciate their willingness to accept these positions.  The term is effective immediately. Please congratulate and help welcome them to their new positions.

I look forward to a productive and fun next couple of years.

Best regards,

Ray Acuña, CIGI


Texas Chapter of the Association of Inspectors General