Minutes: April 28, 2022




New York State Inspector General’s Office

2:00 p.m.

 April 28, 2022


1. Darren Miller (“Darren”), Chapter President, called the meeting to order at 2:05 p.m.  Darren welcomed all to the meeting of the New York/New Jersey Chapter (“Chapter”) of the Association of Inspectors General (“AIG”).

2. Darren welcomed the members to our first annual meeting and thanked everyone for being present given we have unable to hold in person meetings last year because of COVID-19 related concerns.

3. Darren conducted a row call where each member present was asked to introduce themselves, and the agency they represent. Twenty-nine (29) members were in attendance; also documented in the meeting attendance sign in sheet.

4. Darren stated that the primary purpose of the meeting was to discuss the items listed on the agenda circulated to the group before the meeting, including:

  • Recognition of Barry Kluger
  • Remarks by AIG Exec. Dir. Greg Hill
  • Election of Board Members and Officers
  • Update of recent John Jay / AIG events
  • Training / Events for 2022
    • Ethics
    • NY-NJ Port Authority OIG- Fraud Prevention Program- Vetting/Integrity Monitors
    • John Jay events
    • Others
  • Website improvement ideas
  • One-Hour Training: Introduction to Implicit Bias for Investigators
  • New Business

5. The next order of business was to honor and recognize Barry Kluger (“Barry”).  Darren and Steve shared stories around Barry’s professional accolades, contributions and involvement in the OIG and AIG community.  Also, personal fond memories of Barry, his strength, integrity, mentorship and above all friendship.  Barry will be sorely missed.

6. Darren then transitioned into the election of the new Chapter Officers stating Officers serve two-year terms, and Board Members serve three-year terms. Also, that students are not eligible to vote.  We have 16 current Board Members. Before the voting, Darren mentioned he would be moving to slate to elect the following Chapter members to the Board:

Shareema Abel

Ned Benton

Jessica Cabrera

John Curry

Jodi Franzese

Robert Gabrielli

John Grasso

Elizabeth Keating

Kevin McGlynn

William McGrogan

Darren T. Miller

Christian Nunez

Julie O’Brien

David M. Shapiro

Patrice Schiano

Ned Schwartz

All the Chapter members were voted to the Board, uncontested.

Darren moved to slate to elect the following Board members as Executive Officers of the Board:

Position          Person

President       Darren Miller           

1st VP           Ned Schwartz         

2nd VP          Shareema Abel

3rd VP           Chris Nunez

Secretary       Jessica Cabrera       

Treasurer       Julie O’Brien          

All the Board members were voted to Officer Positions, uncontested.

Finally, Darren requested volunteers to serve on the Executive committee to oversee Chapter Training and assist in updating the website.  No volunteers

7. The New York State Inspector General Lucy Lang (“Lucy”) arrived and welcomed the members and the AIG, stating she looks forward to continuing participation with our Chapter.

8. Jessica then provided an overview of the Chapter & John Jay College of Criminal Justice Career (JJAY) & Internship Fair that was held on March 1st, 2022, at 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM via the Zoom platform.  There were thirteen (13) participating agencies representing federal, state, and local office: in addition to two (2) integrity monitoring companies for the first time. Jessica briefly recapped the importance of this collaborative effort with the college and the benefit of hosting virtually for both the participating agencies and students alike. Further, suggesting future fairs should be held in this format. Finally, asked the members should any members be interested in participating or have potential recruitment efforts via the Fair to contact Jessica.

9. The next topic was potential training topics for 2022, especially those that are interested in participating and/or have suggestions.  Darren proposed interview interrogation, Ethics, in addition to Julie and Jessica’s Fraud Prevention Program training. There were ten government agencies represented. Lucy proposed training on trauma informed investigation as a potential topic. Darren asked the group to contact the Chapter should any of the members have any additional topics in mind.

10. Darren asked the group for any suggestions regarding improvements to the Chapter website. Chapter member Priti Bali-Kahn (“Priti”) volunteered to assist. Darren stated we would follow up with Priti shortly regarding next steps.

11. The next topic was presented by Greg Hill (“Greg”), Executive Director of AIG national. Greg announced that the National is requesting our Chapter host the next Annual Conference in New York City in 2023. Darren asked the group for potential volunteers to form a Conference Planning Committee (“Committee”). Jessica suggested that the group be given an opportunity to follow up later. Greg suggested that a committee should be formed by the end of May or so. Also, that the National will support coordinating efforts.

12. Darren introduced the Implicit Bias training, facilitated by Chris Nunez (“Chris”) and Sally Rojas (“Sally”). Chris and Sally conducted a one (1) hour interactive and well received session, including exercises that maximized group dialogue and participation.

13. Upon completion Darren thanked the group and adjourned the meeting at 4:30 p.m.

14. A social event was held at approximately 5 pm with several members attending.