Minutes: February 25, 2021




WebEx Online Meeting

11:00 a.m.

 February 25, 2021


1. Darren Miller (“Darren”), Chapter President, called the meeting to order at 11:05 a.m. Darren welcomed all to the meeting  of the New York/New Jersey Chapter (“Chapter”) of the Association of Inspectors General (“AIG”).

2. Jessica Cabrera, Chapter Secretary, recorded the names of those members who were in attendance. In attendance were:

Shareema Abel        Daniel Boylan       Jessica Cabrera
Lou Cosentino         John Curry            Steven Hamilton
Elizabeth Keating     Kevin McGlynn     Darren Miller
Karen Greve Milton  Julie O’Brien         Steven Pasichow
Carolyn Pokorny      Brian Sanvidge      Ned Schwartz
Michael Sweeney     Peggy Willens

Those absent were Barry Kluger, Ned Benton, William Courtney, Robert Gabrielli and Robert Joyce.

3. Darren welcomed the committee to our first annual meeting and thanked everyone for being present on this new format given we cannot hold in person sessions for the time being as a result of COVID-19 related concerns.

4. Darren stated that the primary purpose of the meeting was to discuss the items listed on the agenda circulated to the group before the meeting, including:

•  Brief Review of 2020 activities.
•  Training Suggestions for 2021.
•  Other Potential Events and Programs.
•  Website Ideas.
•  Membership.
•  New Business.

5. The next order of business was to review 2020 Chapter activities.

a. An overview of the 2020 AIG/JJAY Information Session On-line Event on October 13th, 2020 was provided. Steve Hamilton was the guest speaker and representing the Chapter leadership. Jessica described the purpose of the group was to encourage student participation in AIG events, such as NY&NJ Chapter trainings, the Diversity Committee Mentorship program and joining the national and local chapter. Jessica had proposed to hold this event during the Spring and Fall semesters on an ongoing basis as a way to continue to promote our Chapter to new/incoming students. Darren agreed and asked the groups if anyone had additional thoughts. Consensus was to move forward and hold the event. Jessica volunteered to continue to oversee the coordination and will inform the group of the next event date in the next month, or so.

b. Two WebEx training sessions which had been planned for 2020 were held in early January 2021. The trainings were on creating an IG’s Office out of a crisis by Steve Hamilton and Stephen Hillerman from the NY State Comptroller’s Office and the collection of digital evidence and cell phones by Brian Austin and Alvi Castro from the NYS Dept. of Corrections and Community Supervision Office of Special Investigations.

6. The group then discussed ideas for trainings for 2021. Because Ned Benton was unable to attend, Darren relayed Ned’s proposal to have Marie Springer present her research on Ponzi schemes. Darren also proposed holding an Ethics course for CPE credit, to be 2 ½ in length. Carolyn Pokorny offered to present information regarding MTA OIG recent audits and investigations and would like to hear from other OIGs.

Darren also suggested a panel on working through the pandemic and challenges related to Cyber and Training. Lessons learned operationally, procedurally and managing an IG’s office. Steven Pasichow seconded the idea, in addition to the Ethics course. Also, he suggested we reach out prior presenters, such as Tom Caulfield, that led a course on procurement and Mark Anderson, that taught Interview Techniques.

7. The next topic was other potential events and programs for 2021, especially those that can be held virtually during the pandemic. Jessica suggested we hold our annual Chapter & John Jay College Career day this year virtually. She provided a recap of our last Job Fair at John Jay, held in October 2019. There were ten government agencies represented. There was a lot of foot traffic, over 100 students, and it went from 4:30p.m. to 7p.m. It was agreed to start planning in the Summer for the next Job Fair. Jessica and Kevin agreed to take the lead in organizing the fair. And will be consulting with Mai Morris to discuss our technical support options and schedule a meeting with the John Jay Student MPA-IO liaison Mechele Grayson, Greg Hill to discuss prospective dates. Other proposals included smaller “coffee-talk” events within the Chapter with specific topics and post-training break-out sessions.

8. Darren asked the group if anyone had suggestions on updating the website. Please give it thought and email thoughts.

9. The next item discussed was Membership. Darren thanked Carolyn Pokorny and the MTA OIG for signing up. He asked the group if anyone had suggestions on increasing membership.

10. Finally, Darren asked the group if there was any new business to suggest? Kevin McGlynn requested that an agenda be circulated prior to the meeting. Darren stated he thought an agenda had been sent out and make certain going forward that this documentation be included.

11. Darren thanked the group and adjourned the meeting at 11:30 a.m.