Minutes: January 13, 2020


180 Maiden Lane
New York, NY 10038
11:30 a.m.
January 13, 2020

1. Steven Pasichow (“Steve”), Chapter President, called the meeting to order at 11:30 a.m. Steve welcomed all to the meeting of the New York/New Jersey Chapter (“Chapter”) of the Association of Inspectors General (“AIG”).

2. Robert Joyce, Chapter Secretary, recorded the names of those members who were in attendance. In attendance were:

Daniel Boylan          Jessica Cabrera          Lou Cosentino
John Curry              Robert Gabrielli           Steven Hamilton
Robert Joyce           Kevin McGlynn            Darren Miller
Julie O’Brien           Steven Pasichow          Ned Schwartz

Those missing were Barry Kluger, Brian Sanvidge, Ned Benton, and William Courtney.

3. Dan Cort, First Deputy Commissioner, NYC Department of Investigation (“DOI”) welcomed the group to the new DOI executive offices, and expressed how important the AIG is to DOI and to other law enforcement agencies in our region. Dan said that DOI supports the purpose and work of the AIG, and will continue to do so.

4. Steve stated that the primary purpose of the meeting was to elect new Chapter Officers. Chapter Officers serve two-year terms, and Board Members serve three-year terms. We have 16 current Board Members. Before the voting, Steve mentioned that our Chapter membership was 166 members at the end of 2019. Of these, 69 are Chapter-only members only, and 16 are John Jay students. Steve mentioned that we have been having difficulty getting John Jay to pay for student memberships, as they used to, due to CUNY budget difficulties. Steve said that, as of October 2019, we had $26,332.59 in our AIG Chapter bank account.

5. The next order of business was to discuss training. Steve said that since we charge $35 for non-members to attend training, that has helped raise our funds. Steve asked for ideas about possible future training courses for the AIG to present. Steve Hamilton proposed a possible class that describes the functions of the NYS Comptroller’s Office, how it was created, its functions guarding the NYS pension system, and the NYS budget. Steve Hamilton estimated it could be an hour and a half, or more, as needed.

Darren suggested a crime scene processing course, which would include cell phone forensics. He described having presented this course before, and it was well-received. Darren described that there could be a practical demonstration aspect to the training. Darren suggested that the training be for 4 hours, that would fill either a morning or afternoon session.

Steve described that, if we hold the course at John Jay, we will need to pay John Jay for the use of the room and purchase insurance. Dan Boylan stated that DOI may have access to a room that holds 75+ people. Dan offered to explore the use of a DOI conference room.

It was agreed to try to present these two courses in April of 2020.

Steve also suggested the possibility of having Tom Caulfield give a presentation on Procurement Fraud, and/or have Mark Anderson return and give his presentation on Advanced Interview and Interrogation.

The group agreed that we have sufficient funds to include and pay for a lunch.

6. The group then talked about the last Job Fair at John Jay, held in October 2019. There were ten government agencies represented. There was a lot of foot traffic, over 100 students, and it went from 4:30p.m. to 7p.m. It was agreed to start planning in the Summer for the next Job Fair. Jessica and Kevin agreed to take the lead in organizing the fair.

7. Jessica Cabrera (“Cabrera”) described the new AIG Mentorship Program, and how it is designed to give guidance to John Jay students to help them develop their careers. There are 24 mentors and 25 mentees. The mentees are 30 credits into their program, and the mentors will be reviewing resumes soon.

8. Jessica said that several John Jay students would like to be AIG Chapter members. The cost is not prohibitive.

9. Jessica also suggested holding an event whereby individuals in the IG community come to John Jay and discuss what their offices do so that students are better educated about career opportunities before entering their job search phase of their professional career. Jessica will begin researching these initiatives.

10. Steve also suggested considering the adoption of a Scholarship Program, similar to the one that the Florida Chapter has. They pay for two students to attend the AIG Annual Training Conference. A subcommittee was formed to research this initiative with the members being Jessica, Dan Boylan, and Lou Cosentino.

11. The group then proceeded with the key purpose of the meeting, electing the Chapter Officers. The following Board of Directors were voted into the respective positions:

Position          Person                     Nominated by           Seconded by
President       Darren Miller            Kevin McGlynn         Ned Schwartz
1st VP            Steve Hamilton         Kevin McGlynn         Dan Boylan
2nd VP           Ned Schwartz           Steve Pasichow        Lou Cosentino
3rd VP            Dan Boylan              Steve Pasichow        Lou Cosentino
Secretary       Jessica Cabrera        Jessica Cabrera       Kevin McGlynn
Treasurer       Julie O’Brien             Lou Cosentino          John Curry

The terms start as of the day of the meeting, and runs for two years through December 2021.

12. Steve adjourned the meeting at 12:10 p.m.