Minutes: December 12, 2011


MTA OIG Office
2 Penn Plaza, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10121
December 12, 2011 – 8:45 a.m.

  1. Steven  Pasichow (“Steve”), Chapter President, called the meeting to order at 8:45 a.m.  Steve welcomed all to the third Board meeting of the New York/New Jersey Chapter (“Chapter”) of the Association of Inspectors General (“Association”) in 2011.
  2. Steve stated that the primary purpose of the meeting was to elect new Chapter Officers.  He noted that the Chapter Officers serve two-year terms, which expire on December 31, 2011, and that Chapter Board Members serve three-year terms, which will expire December 31, 2012.
  3. Robert Joyce, Chapter Secretary, recorded the names of those who were in attendance, and those who were absent.  In attendance were: Ned Benton, Ronald Calvosa, Mary Jane Cooper, Robert Joyce, Barry Kluger, Gerard McEnroe, Steven Pasichow, Deirdre Power, Ann Ryan, Ned Schwartz, Thomas Sommero.  Those absent were Anastasia Coleman, Barbara DiTata, Ivette Morales, Steven Perez, and Pat Russo.
  4. Steve covered some miscellaneous business items.  He mentioned that the AIG conference was held in October 2011 in Virginia.  Steve summarized the briefing he provided at the conference about the Chapter. Steve also mentioned that our Chapter, as of October 2011, has 118 members.  He noted the significant participation of John Jay College students, as they make up about half of our members.  Steve said that the Chapter still has approximately $500 in training funds allocated by the National AIG (the “National”), and that this money will carry over to 2012 if not used this year.
  5. Steve mentioned that in the coming year, our goal is to hold a meeting and/or provide training in southern New Jersey in order to accommodate our New Jersey members, as well as in Albany, New York to accommodate our upstate New York members.  Steve asked for suggestions on speakers and topics for future training sessions.
  6. Ned Benton, from John Jay College, mentioned the following items about the National. He said that the National is straightening out their financial system, including improving revenue accountability.  The National is working on establishing a checking account, and a depository account.  Ned said that our Chapter will need to establish a budget for 2012, and that he will submit a sample draft budget to Steve soon to be used as a model.  Ned said that the National ran a deficit this year, and may have to increase the amount of the dues.  Ned mentioned that the National may try to standardize the system of dues for all of the chapters.  They are not currently uniform and this creates confusion.  Ned raised the question about whether healthy chapters should obtain funding from National.  Barry Kluger cautioned that healthy chapters should not be penalized for being fiscally responsible.
  7. Ned mentioned that he would like to post job openings on the AIG website, and asked that we send postings from our offices to him for inclusion.
  8. Barry mentioned an upcoming seminar regarding Construction Fraud that is being sponsored by the New York State Comptroller and the New York City Comptroller.
  9. Gerry McEnroe mentioned that the NYC Comptroller recently issued a ruling that said that security guards at construction sites in New York City do not fall under NYS Labor Law 220.  Gerry said that this ruling is affecting several of his office’s investigations.
  10. Robert Joyce mentioned that there are several groups represented on the Linked-In professional network, and raised the question whether we should create a group for our Chapter.  It was decided that Robert would research what it takes to create a group on Linked-In.
  11. Ned Schwartz talked about the possibility of having several of our offices contribute funds in order to arrange for a speaker to come to our area, and provide training through the CIGIE Inspector General Academy. Steve mentioned that he is working on getting MAGLOCLEN to come and provide low-cost training for us.
  12. The next order of business was to elect the Chapter Officers.  The following shows the results of the voting.

    Position, Person, Nominated By, Seconded By
    President, Steve Pasichow, Barry Kluger, Ned Schwartz
    1st VP, Barry Kluger, Ron Calvosa, Ned Benton
    2nd VP, Tom Sommero, Steve Pasichow, Gerald McEnroe
    3rd VP, Mary Jane Cooper, Steve Pasichow, Ned Benton
    Secretary, Robert Joyce, Ron Calvosa, Gerald McEnroe
    Treasurer, Ivette Morales, Robert Joyce, Steven PasichowAll of these nominations were approved respectively by the attended group.  Tom Sommero questioned whether we now had a vacancy on the Executive Committee since Tom, who was on the Executive Committee, was now an officer and automatically on the Executive Committee.  He was deemed correct and therefore, in order to fill that vacancy, Tom nominated Deirdre Powers.  Robert Joyce seconded, and all approved.
  13. Steve noted that a person has to be a Board Member in order to be a Chapter Officer.  Therefore, those officers elected today must be elected to the Board in December 2012, or they will forfeit their office. Barry mentioned that our Chapter follows the rules of National.
  14. Steve adjourned the meeting at 9:27 am.