Minutes: January 12, 2010


MTA Headquarters
2 Broadway
New York, NY

January 12, 2010 – 8:00 a.m.

  1. Steven Pasichow called the meeting to order at 8:15 a.m.  Steve welcomed all to the Charter meeting of the New York City Metropolitan Area Chapter (“Chapter”) of the Association of Inspectors General (“Association”). Handouts were given out that consisted of a copy of the Chapter By-laws that was approved by the Association’s Board of Directors, as well as the meeting minutes of the last Regional Inspector General meeting on October 15, 2009, at which it was voted to establish the Chapter.  Also handed out were two sheets of paper comprised of proposed amendments to the By-laws.
  2. Everyone introduced themselves and what office/agency they are associated with.  There were the following thirty-two individuals in attendance:
    Ned Benton
    Michael Boxer
    Cliff Brock
    Earamichia Brown
    Ronald Calvosa
    Jean Carsey
    William Cella
    Anastasia Coleman
    Mary Jane Cooper
    Evelyn Delgado
    Richard Dillon
    Jacqueline Distelman
    Barbara DiTata
    Robery Joyce
    Beth Keating
    Barry Kluger
    Joseph Mackey
    Gerald McEnroe
    Ken Michaels
    Laurence Montle
    Ivette Morales
    Steven Pasichow
    Steven Perez
    Christopher Prather
    Marcus Rivera
    Ann Ryan
    Pat Russo
    Keith Schwam
    Ned Scwartz
    Tom Sommero
    Michael Sweeney
    Daniel Wals
  3.  Steven Pasichow moved for a motion to approve the October 15, 2009 meeting minutes.  Ned Schwartz made a motion.  Ned Benton seconded the motion. Motion passed.
  4.  Steven Pasichow opened up for discussion proposed amendments to the Chapter By-laws. In particular Article III-Membership and Article IV-Board of Directors. Attached are the amendments that were proposed.  After some discussion, Pat Russo made a motion to approve the Article III amendments and Steve Perez seconded the motion.  Motion passed.   After some discussion, Bob Joyce made a motion to approve the Article IV amendments and Chris Prather seconded the motion.  Motion passed.
  5.  Steven Pasichow opened up for discussion what the Chapter membership fees ought to be. There was discussion of setting the fee at either $20 or $25. The consensus was that the fee should be $25 per year.  Then a decision was made to establish the student membership fee at $10 per year.  Ned Benton made a motion that, since we are currently in the middle of the Association’s fiscal year, that the initial membership fee be good for an 18-month period, ending June 2011. This would bring the Chapter in line with the Association as to when membership fees are due.   Bob Joyce seconded the motion. Motion passed.
  6. Steven  handed out an example of an application from the Tallahassee Chapter. Once an application is prepared, it will be distributed so that people can apply for membership to the Chapter.
  7. Election of Board of Directors –  There was only 16 of the 32 individuals present that were interested in being Board members.  All those present voted in favor of allowing those 16 individuals to be Board members.
    Ned Benton, John Jay College
    Ronald Calvosa, Port Authority OIG
    Anastasia Coleman, NYC Dept. of Investigation
    Mary Jane Cooper, New Jersey Inspector General
    Barbara DiTata, NYC School Construction Authority OIG
    Deirde Power, MTA OIG
    Robert Joyce, Port Authority OIG
    Barry Kluger, MTA OIG
    Gerald McEnroe, NYC School Construction Authority OIG
    Ivette Morales, NYC Dept. of Investigation
    Steven Pasichow, Port Authority OIG
    Steven Perez, US DOL OIG
    Pat Russo, NYC Dept. of Investigation
    Ann Ryan, Special Comm. of Investigation (NYC School District)
    Ned Schwartz, US DOT OIG
    Tom Sommero, US DOL OIG
  8. Election of Officers
    Officers,     Nominated,     By Whom,     Votes
    President,     Pasichow**,     Kluger,   16
    1st Vice President,     Schwartz**,     Calvosa,   16
    2nd Vice President,     Kulger**,     Schwartz,   12
    (same),     Cooper,                      ,     2
    (same),     DiTata,     McEnroe,     2
    3rd Vice President,     Sommero,     Perez,     2
    (same),     DiTata,     Kluger,  6
    (same),     Cooper**,     Pasichow,   7
    Secretary,     Joyce**,     Russo,   16
    Treasurer,     Morales**,     Joyce,   16
  9. Election of Executive Committee
    Nominated,     By Whom,     Votes
    Sommero**,     Perez,     14
    Coleman**,     Russo,     14
    Ryan**,     Cooper,     12
    DiTata**,     Kluger,     15
    Deidre,     Keating,     11
    Benton**,     Schwartz,     13
    ** Elected
  10.  Steven Pasichow opened up for discussion the need for everyone to actively participate in the Chapter and that we would be establishing some committees. In particular, one of the most important one would be the Training Committee.  In order for membership to grow, training is going to have to be a large part of what the Chapter brings to the OIG community.  Steve asked for volunteers to participate on the Committee.  Those expressing interest thus far are: Barbara DiTata, Marcus Rivera, and Ann Ryan.
  11. Robert Joyce made the motion to adjourn.  Ned Schwartz seconded it. Motion passed.