Mary Cagle, Miami-Dade County Inspector General


I am looking forward to participating as a member of the Association’s Board of Directors. It is essential to the well-being of IG offices around the country to have an efficient, responsive and credible Association that serves its member’s needs.  Ensuring clear standards, excellent professional development and networking opportunities are very important to the IG community and are part of the Association’s mission statement.  Read more →

John Carey, Palm Beach County Inspector General


Why you ran for the Board? I volunteered to run for the Board because I believe IGs have the responsibility to not just make the organizations we oversee better, but help other IG organizations continuously improve by sharing our lessons learned and best practices.  The experience of being a member of the AIG Board will help me be a better IG along with my office.  Read more →

David Holmgren, Deputy Inspector General, THHSC


During my fifteen years as an inspector general or deputy inspector general, I have always been interested in the exchange of information, improving operations, training, and establishing standards that help professionalize our careers.  Within the federal IG community, these areas are covered by the Council of Inspectors General for Integrity and Efficiency (CIGIE). Read more →

Daniel Lucas, District of Columbia Inspector General


Why you ran for the Board – as a long time student of Inspectors General philosophy, and having worked in the military, federal, and local IG context, I have come to appreciate the nuances of each to be successful as an Inspector General.  Having spent the better part of the last 12 years as a professional IG, at all levels, I thought it would be helpful to become a member of the board so I could not only share my past experiences but also use my platform as the Inspector General for the District of Columbia to promote best practices and facilitate the leveraging of resources and sharing of knowledge.

Your view as to the importance of the AIG – I believe that all professional bodies need to be guided by a professional association.  The AIG serves as the guiding beacon for the local IG community to establish and maintain professional standards.  Read more →

June Jennings, Virginia Inspector General


June Jennings was appointed as the state inspector general for the Commonwealth of Virginia in 2014. She previously served as the deputy inspector general and was instrumental in the creation of this new agency.  Prior to joining the Office of the State Inspector General, she served as the inspector general for the Virginia Department of Corrections.

Why you ran for the Board: I have been involved with the Association for over 15 years.  Over this time I have watched this association grow so much.  Read more →

Natalie Monroe, Massachusetts First Assistant Inspector General

N Monroe photo

Why you ran for the Board
I ran for the Board because I strongly believe in the association’s mission and have seen the benefits that the AIG provides its members and the inspector general community as a whole.  The annual conferences, for instance, offer valuable training and networking opportunities.  They also provide a forum for members from all levels of government and across the globe to share their experiences and thereby remind us all of the vital function that inspectors general serve in government.

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