AIG Board of Directors Election Scheduled for September

The Association is now accepting nominations to fill 15 vacant seats on our Board of Directors. The election, to be held electronically over the Internet, will take place from September 25 to October 1, 2014.

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Meet the Course Managers

For each of the three AIG certification courses: the Certified Inspector General™ (CIG), the Certified Inspector General Investigator™ (CIGI) and Certified Inspector General Auditor™ (CIGA), there are AIG Board of Directors members who serve as “course managers”. The course managers are the Institute’s quality assurance team. They are responsible for vetting applications, updating the course curriculum and recruiting appropriate instructors.

In a companion article in this edition of the IG News, we profile Bob Clift, the IG of the Florida Department of Transportation, the head of the AIG Professional Certification Board, and one of the course managers of the CIG. In this article, we introduce you to our other course managers: Cedric Johnson, Hector Collazo, Steve Pasichow and Matt Harris.

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Obituary of Former Congressman Jack Brooks (D-TX)

From the Houston Chronicle 
December 8, 2012 

Jack Brooks was best known as a Congressman and powerful committee chairman. But for those who knew him personally or professionally throughout the years, Brooks may be more memorable for his talents as a story teller. The stories often had similar themes: They were about people in need, people who asked for help, or individuals whose plight came to the attention of Congressman Brooks. The stories centered on conflicts, debates, and sometimes bitter political fights. Yet, with a twinkle in his eyes, most of Jack Brooks’ stories concluded with the same phrase, “he’s for me now…” Jack Brooks, the curmudgeon who never relented, was ironically the softhearted man whose passion was to bring people together to help those in need. The life of Congressman Jack Brooks has been one defined by his consistent ability to bring people together in order to build a better life both for the people he represented, and our nation as a whole.

Former Congressman, Jack Brooks. A leading advocate of the Inspectors General Act of 1978

Brooks grew up poor in Beaumont Texas during the worst days of the Great Depression. His mother, Grace, in order to raise three children as a widow, taught people how to cook in their own homes using the then new and innovative electric stoves. His childhood formed the basis of his empathy for all people regardless of their socio-economic status. Too small to be a golf caddy, he taught himself to type in order to land a job as a junior reporter at the Beaumont Enterprise. There he did his best to report on people’s lives in his community, using as many proper names as possible. He had understood, being paid by the typed inch, that the editor would not cut people’s names.

He first served his nation as a Marine in the Pacific theatre of World War II. He experienced the horror of war in Guadalcanal and Tarawa. He was also one of those marines whose life was likely sparred when Truman brought the war to a close through the use of the atomic bomb. Like many of his generation, he returned home determined to contribute to the growth of his newly emergent super-power nation.
Brooks entered politics with his election to the Texas Legislature, while at the same time attending the University of Texas Law School. There he drafted the legislation that would elevate his beloved Lamar University from a two-year college to a full four-year college. Over the years, Brooks often recounted the story of this, his first legislative achievement. He took pride in the fact that Lamar now serves the community with a growing world-renowned educational reputation.

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Peer Review Committee

As co-chairs of the Peer Review Committee, Tom Caulfield and Sheryl Steckler are pleased to report that all requested peer reviews  to date have been conducted.  They have received great feedback to include how the process added value to the agency under review by highlighting operational strengths and areas for considerations.    As an Executive, peer reviews are a great tool for ensuring compliance with the standards (Yellow, Red, Green, and/or Silver); receiving commendable(s); and given areas for consideration to enhance operations.    If you are interested in a peer review, please contact either Tom or Sheryl as reviews require as much as six months advance notice.

Sheryl Steckler 
Tom Caulfield 

Save the Date! Upcoming AIG Events

Spring 2012 Conference, May 15th-18th

The Spring 2012 Conference will be held in Anaheim, California from May 15-18, 2012.  We are planning a conference full of dynamic speakers! For more information, click  here

The Fall 2012 Conference will also be held in Clearwater, FL, October 9-12, 2012.


National Service OIG Severely Defunded

The Corporation for National and Community Service’s Office of Inspector General has reported drastic budget cuts, which has resulted in a 52 percent reduction in its appropriation for FY2012.  Please see announcement below

Congressional belt-tightening has resulted in a drastic budget cut for the Corporation for National and Community Service’s Office of Inspector General.  The Washington, DC-based office received a 52 percent reduction in its appropriation for FY2012, with the possibility that future budgets may follow the same trend.  Of 32 full-time staff, at least three-fourths of the employees face a reduction-in-force action in early 2012.

The affected OIG employees comprise some of the most accomplished auditors and investigators in the Federal government.  Audit Managers each have at least 10 years of solid experience with financial and performance audits, and one manager is approaching a 20-year milestone in Federal service.   The general audit staff hails from a variety of agencies, including the Naval Audit Service, HUD, Defense Contract Audit Agency and various CPA firms.  OIG Investigative Agents are experienced law enforcement professionals with many years of casework in both civilian agencies and the military.  All are graduates of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and certified to carry firearms.

The Corporation, established in 1993 by the Clinton Administration, is the largest grant-making Federal agency supporting volunteer service projects under the AmeriCorps, Senior Corps and Social Innovation Fund core programs.  An earlier Congressional action abolished the Corporation’s Learn & Service America program.  The agency itself did not fare as badly as the OIG, losing only 2 percent of its 2012 budget request.

OIG employees awaiting their RIF notification are actively seeking new opportunities, either within or outside the Federal environment.  If your agency is in need of auditors and investigators, you are invited to contact AIG member, Ronald Huritz, CIGA, at (202) 606-9355, or via email at




Congratulations to the New Board of Directors

We are pleased to announce the results of the 2011 election to the Association’s Board of Directors. The following members have been elected to serve three year terms starting in January 2012:


Robert Clift
Hector Collazo
Eric Feldman
Joseph Ferguson
Matthew Harris
Michael Kessler
Patra Liu
Lora Manon
Steve Pasichow
Edouard Quatrevaux
David Ray
Pat Russo
Nicholas Schuler
Jim Sullivan
Janet Werkman
David Westerling


We would also like to thank the following Directors who are leaving the Board for all of their dedicated service to the Association:


Elizabeth Archer
William DiVello
Vicki Fischer
Stephen Upton
Bart Bevers
Hilton Green

GAO Report: Inspectors General – Reporting on Independence, Effectiveness, and Expertise


As part of the Dodd-Frank Act legislation that was enacted after the financial crisis in 2008 the Government Accountability Office (GAO) now reports to Congress the progress of the 62 Offices of Inspector Generals.  The report released to Congress in September, highlights the strides IGs have made in detecting and preventing fraud, waste, abuse and corruption within the federal government.  According to the report, IGs have returned $18 dollars for every dollar that was invested in IGs.  Additional highlights included:

  • Potential savings of about $43.3 billion resulting from fiscal year 2009 audits and investigations,
  • IGs reported 5,900 criminal actions, 1,100 civil actions, 4,400 suspensions and debarments and 6,100 indictments,
  • Overview of actions taken to prevent problems within their respected agencies


Please click GAO Report to view the report.

Candidates for the Board of Directors

Elections for the Association Board of Directors take place this Fall. ballots will be mailed out in late August and must be returned by October 1, 2011.

The following persons have been nomination and have been found by the Nomination Committee to meet the qualifications to stand for election:

  • Joseph A. Buttitta
  • Robert E. Clift
  • Hector Collazo,Jr.
  • Lawrence William Dury, III
  • Eric R. Feldman
  • Joseph M. Ferguson
  • Sarah A. Fontenelle
  • Matthew D. Harris
  • Theodor J. Hengesbach
  • Michael G. Kessler
  • Miguel A. Lake
  • Patra Liu
  • A. Benjamin Mannes
  • Lora L. Manon
  • William Marback
  • Stephen A. Pasichow
  • Edouard R. Quatrevaux
  • Rufus T. Manning
  • David F. Ray
  • Pasquelino “Pat” Russo
  • John J. Drummey
  • Nicholas J. Schuler
  • James M. Sullivan
  • Janet Werkman
  • David Westerling

The candidates’ biographical statements, in the order as above, are provided here.

Association Board To Consider Constitution Amendment to Permit Electronic Ballots for Elections

The Board of the Association of Inspectors General will take up, at the Fall Board meeting in October at Williamsburg, amendments to the Association Constitution relating to elections. The amendments can be downloaded here:

The amendments permit elections for membership on the Board of Directors to be conducted by electronic ballot in place of traditional paper-ballot-by-mail elections. The amendments permit, but do not require, electronic ballots, and the Board of Directors must approve the independent ballot service that would conduct the election. The goal is to streamline the election process and to provide the Association members the most reliable and accessible method for voting.