Roger Trca

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Roger Trca
Inspector General

Clerk & Comptroller’s Office
Palm Beach County, Florida

Roger Trca is the Inspector General for the Clerk & Comptroller’s Office in Palm Beach County, Florida. He joined the agency in 2007 as the Audit Director. In 2009, he led the efforts to transition the Audit Services Division into the Division of Inspector General. The office was named an Accredited Office of Inspector General by the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation in February 2011.

The Clerk & Comptroller’s office, established in 1838 by the Florida Constitution and lead by an independently elected officer, is charged with safeguarding public funds and public records. The Division of Inspector General conducts audits and investigations of the Clerk & Comptroller’s handling of the more than one thousand different functions performed on behalf of Palm Beach County’s 1.4 million residents.

The Division of Inspector General provides additional oversight to guardianships established within the court system as well as investigative support to a state agency for complaints involving professional guardians.Since 2010, the Division has identified $8.6 million in potential revenue recoveries and cost avoidance during audits as well as missing assets and questionable expenditures by court-appointed guardians.

Mr. Trca started his career in public accounting with McGladrey & Pullen. He then worked nearly 20 years with American Express Company in various internal audit capacities, including Director as well as Vice President positions in various U.S. and international regions. He was also the Vice President & Director of Internal Audit for Spirit Airlines.

Mr. Trca is a graduate of the University of Iowa, with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting as well as a Master’s in Business Administration. He maintains various certifications including Certified Inspector General, Certified Public Accountant, and Certified Internal Auditor.

He is a member of various professional organizations at the national and local level including the Association of Inspectors General, the Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and the Institute of Internal Auditors.

Why did you run for the Board? 

I strongly believe in the AIG’s core mission to promote excellence in the inspector general community. When our local government agency made the decision to transition to an IG Office, the AIG provided valuable resources and guidance in setting up our office. Since then, the AIG has continued to play a key role in meeting the training requirements and other needs of our agency.

The importance of the Association 

The AIG provides tremendous support to the OIG community including the professional standards, high-quality training conferences and certification programs, and peer review program. I have been so encouraged to see the AIG’s growth around the globe. The networking opportunities enable members to share information, identify best practices, and seek to continually improve their agency operations.

What you would like to accomplish as a Board Member? 

Participating on the Board will enable me to further engage with the association and its members, and assist others in the OIG community. I look forward to serving on the Board, building upon the excellent work that has been accomplished, and helping expand the membership to individuals who have not yet taken advantage of the AIG’s benefits. I consider it a privilege to serve on the Board. Thank you for the opportunity!