Supervisory Criminal Investigator

USDA Office of Inspector General

This position serves as a Special Agent-in-Charge (SAC) assigned to an OIG Regional Office within the Office of Investigations (OI).

There is only one position and the selectee will be assigned to one of the locations listed in the job posting.

Salary listed includes geographical base and locality pay salary range for the GS-1811-15 level. Law Enforcement Availability Pay (LEAP) of 25% is not reflected in these figures.

Open from from April 12 to April 28 to current permanent Federal employees with competitive status; Reinstatement eligibles; Land Management Workforce Flexibility Act, Farm Service Agency (FSA) County Employees, CTAP/RPL/ICTAP and VEOA eligible; 30 Percent or More Disabled Veterans; Certain Former Overseas and Foreign Service Employees; Military Spouses; Interchange Agreement and Other Miscellaneous Authorities; People with Disabilities; Peace Corps and VISTA.

• Directing, managing, and administering a staff of special agents, investigators, investigative analysts, and other investigation support personnel.
• Directing, managing, and administering a staff of special agents, investigators, investigative analysts, and other investigative support personnel in the conduct of nationally impactful business administrative processes.
•bOverseeing the conduct of official inquiries, assessments and investigations relating to the personnel, programs, and operations of the organization throughout the United States.
• Determining whether incoming allegations have investigative merit and recommends appropriate disposition.
• Managing, coordinating, planning and personally conducting complex and difficult criminal, civil and/or administrative investigations of major importance and high-level interest, misconduct allegations involving high personnel.
• Assisting the senior executives in implementing national and/or Area of Responsibility (AOR) investigative and administrative initiatives in support of organizational programs and operations, analyzing trends to anticipate investigative direction.
• Responsible for strategic planning and implementation as well as performance measurements, and further assists the senior leaders in managing an office budget.
• Formulating an internal strategic plan to promote and updates the organizations strategic plans; utilizes quality management practices, principles, and processes to encourage teamwork.
• Providing advice and guidance regarding criminal and administrative law issues, including the legal standards for taking adverse and performance-based actions; laws regarding retaliation, discrimination, whistleblowing and harassment.
• Conducting oversight compliance reviews of specified component agencies and bureaus. Participating in effecting arrests, search warrants, and/or surveillance activities.
• Providing liaison with other Federal, state and local investigative and law enforcement agencies, as well as members of the intelligence community (IC) and counter terrorism community (CT).
• Manage high profile, sensitive, Congressional fire-related investigations requiring briefing of HQ personnel and issuance of Reports of Investigation.

Conditions of Employment, Qualifications, Evaluation Process, Required Documentation and Additional Information listed in job posting.

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