IT Specialist (INFOSEC)

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Website USDA Office of Inspector General

This position is located in the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Office of the Inspector General (OIG), Office of Audit (OA).

The OA is responsible for policies, leadership, direction, and supervision of all auditing activities and coordinating with staff in the Office of Investigations to ensure that audit and investigative capacity is used as one resource in accomplishing the goals and objectives of OIG.

Open from April 27 to May 12, 2023 to current permanent Federal employees with competitive status; Reinstatement eligibles; Land Management Workforce Flexibility Act, Farm Service Agency (FSA) County Employees, CTAP/RPL/ICTAP and VEOA eligible; 30 Percent or More Disabled Veterans; Certain Former Overseas and Foreign Service Employees; Military Spouses; Interchange Agreement and Other Miscellaneous Authorities; People with Disabilities; Peace Corps and VISTA.


  • Advances the work of IT Audit Operations by executing the audit/inspection plans approved by the DAIG/A in a manner consistent with applicable standards (e.g., GAGAS, CIGIE Blue Book).
  • Assesses USDA agencies? technical IT-related documentation and evaluates it against applicable criteria for adherence and identifying any deviations from established standards for operational safety, confidentiality, integrity, availability, etc.
  • Contributes to the audit planning of ITAO, consulting with the AIC or management to contribute to planning and conducting audits/inspections of USDA agencies’ IT systems and resources.
  • Develops and maintains the ITAO IT lab to include creating, configuring, evaluating, updating, managing, and using virtual and cloud servers, reconfiguring, upgrading, or using physical servers (e.g., hard drives, networking hardware).
  • Present topics of a highly technical nature to a variety of audiences in OIG of varying background knowledge in both areas to include developing, editing, or approving briefing materials and answering questions to clarify complex technical matters.

Conditions of Employment, Qualifications, Evaluation Process, Required Documentation and Additional Information listed in job posting.

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