Chief Investigator

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Seasoned investigative professional accountable for investigating all matters brought to the Inspector General by District management or citizens.

Work includes interpreting and applying the intent of the State of Florida’s Whistle-Blower Act and the District’s Whistle-Blower Policy to investigate complaints received pursuant to the act, which prevents retaliatory action against an employee who reports violations of laws or improper use of government office, gross waste of funds, or any other abuse or gross neglect of duty committed by an employee or agent of the District or independent contractor.

Accountable for appraising the adequacy of internal information system controls and operational procedures, reporting ineffective and/or non-existent internal controls and making recommendations to correct inadequacies.  Participates in the investigation of cases of fraud, management negligence, or theft.

Is trained and highly skilled in fraud and criminology principles and practices, and applies an extensive knowledge of criminological concepts including, administration of criminal justice, theories of crime causation, theories of fraud prevention, crime information sources, and ethical situations; and the types of fraudulent financial transactions incurred in accounting records.

Knowledge of basic accounting and auditing theory, fraud schemes, internal controls to deter fraud, and other auditing and accounting matters.  Knows the many legal ramifications of conducting fraud examinations, including criminal and civil law, rules of evidence, rights of the accused and accuser and expert witness matters.

Employs an advanced knowledge and is highly skilled in investigative interviewing techniques to effectively interview, take statements, obtain information from public records, trace illicit transactions, evaluate deception, and write reports.  Is able to apply logic and analyze or identify underlying principles, reasons, or facts associated with information or data and draw conclusions.  Able to read, interpret and apply laws, rules, regulations, policies and/or procedures.

Receives, investigates, and reports at the conclusion of any investigation; and strictly maintains the confidentiality of all information while conducting investigations.  Acts as an expert witness and gives testimony and/or recommendations in court cases and/or hearings when required.

Education/Experience Guidelines
Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Business Administration or related field and 10+ years experience of professional accountabilities and work in public sector accounting, auditing, and investigating.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) required.
Valid State of Florida Driver’s License required.

Physical Requirements/Working Environment:
Due to the District’s response role and in the total scope of emergency management, this position may at times, be required to provide support before, during and after major storm events and emergency situations, such as hurricanes or other declared emergencies, depending on assigned emergency response role.

Mostly sedentary in an office environment sitting at a desk and operating a personal computer to produce work products.  Some travel to conduct business at remote locations.

Veterans Preferences:
Pursuant to Chapter 295, Florida Statutes, candidates eligible for Veterans’ Preference will receive preference in employment for vacancies and are encouraged to apply.  Candidates claiming Veterans’ Preference must attach supporting documentation and each submission that includes character of service (for example, DD Form 214 Member Copy #4) along with any other documentation as required by Rule 55A-7, Florida Administrative Code. All documentation is due by the close of the job posting.

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