Auditor (Jacksonville Florida Inspector General)

Website Office of Inspector General for the City of Jacksonville

This position reports to the Inspector General (or designee) and is responsible for conducting compliance and performance audits and reviews of Consolidated Government activities to support on-going Office of Inspector General investigations and activities, evaluating the adequacy and effectiveness of management controls over such activities, and determining whether the activities are in compliance with laws, policies and procedures and good business practices.   Primary responsibilities include the following:

  • Conducts annual risk assessment and assists with developing substantial portions of the Office of Inspector General Annual Audit plan.
  • Assists with identifying and developing the scope of audits and determining the appropriate audit procedures to be performed.
  • Contributes to the development of an audit program based on audit scope and objectives.
  • Attends interviews with Department Directors, Consolidated Government officials and/or staff to gain an understanding of department and division operations.
  • Conducts surveys and audits of Consolidated Government functions and activities in assigned areas to determine the nature of the functions and the adequacy of controls under the direction and supervision of the Auditor III (or designee).
  • Evaluates financial or transactional data and detects irregularities, such as duplicate, erroneous, or fraudulent data that requires further investigation.
  • Prepares and orally communicates written presentations of audit findings and recommendations to Department Directors and Consolidated Government officials.  May be called upon to conduct entrance or exit conferences with these officials without participation by the Inspector General.
  • Prepares written and complete audit reports including recommendations for corrective action(s) and/or process improvement(s) relating to areas of weakness or noncompliance identified during the audit.
  • Participates in meetings with Department Directors and/or Consolidated Government officials to present audit findings and to discuss recommendations for improving operations.
  • Assists in developing various written presentations to the City Council, Mayor, and/or other officials.
  • Provides audit related support to on-going Office of Inspector General investigations and activities.
  • Reviews and audits contracts and contract compliance in support of investigations and other activities.
  • May conduct multiple audits at the same time.
  • Performs related work and/or special projects as required.

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