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The Police Civilian Oversight Board (COB) and the City of Madison are looking to hire an exceptional individual with a commitment to racial equity and an understanding of oppression and institutional racism to serve as the City’s first ever Independent Police Monitor. The preferred candidate shall understand racial inequalities specifically in the criminal justice system and bring prior experience successfully working with multicultural communities. This person will demonstrate knowledge of social injustices and will quickly understand the community’s attitude towards the organization and historical and contemporary race relations.

The Independent Police Monitor (IM) will provide professional, managerial, administrative, and auditing work to oversee the Madison Police Department’s (MPD) compliance with internal policies and procedures, ensuring those policies and procedures align with research-based best practices and applicable local, state and federal laws. In addition, the IM will review use of force incidents, oversee the processing of civilian complaints, and ensure independent review of police operations.  Under the direction and supervision of the MPD Civilian Oversight Board, the IM will have full and unfettered access to all police data to examine systemic patterns in police conduct, complaints, and critical incidents. The IM will have the authority to review operations to make data-driven recommendations to the MPD Chief regarding policy changes and disciplinary actions. The IM will also carry out community outreach and engagement.  The IM will be expected to exercise discretion in review of internal operations, shall maintain complete confidentiality of information unless disclosure is authorized within City guidelines, and is required to execute the responsibilities of the position.  The IM will establish and lead the Office of the Independent Police Monitor (OIM). They will set the office’s operational philosophy and develop and maintain standard operating procedures to ensure all matters are handled in a thorough, objective, fair, and impartial manner. This role will require process oversight and guidance on best practices to the Chief, Mayor, and any relevant City committees. (The duties of this role do not involve direct management of MPD, which is within the designated authority of the Mayor, Council, or Chief of Police.)

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