City of Cleveland

Under administrative direction, is responsible for planning, managing, developing work rules, training, coordinating, and administering all activities and personnel of such staff positions as administration, citizen participation, research, and finance, and manages such personnel as are assigned to specific functions in the performance of the necessary duties. Performs other job-related duties as required.


A High School Diploma or GED is required. A Bachelor’s Degree is required. Four years of full time paid management or administrative experience is required. (Substitution: Two years of experience may substitute for each year of college education lacking. A valid State of Ohio Driver’s License is required.

The Administrator may not be a current or former Cleveland police officer or Division of Police employee.

The anticipated annual salary range for this position is $95,000 – $114,000, depending on the candidate’s qualifications.

Additional Department Duties: 

This position will have day to day responsibility for the management of the Office of Professional Standards (OPS), which operates under the direction of the Civilian Police Review Board.  Duties include leadership and supervision of the OPS staff of managers, administrative personnel and investigators.  Oversees the preparation of case presentations to the CPRB.   Develop and maintain communication, liaison and professional relationships with the Cleveland Division of Police (CDP) and other City agencies.    The Administrator serves as a member of the CDP Force Investigative Team and the Force Review Board.  The Administrator will be responsible for producing an OPS annual report and sustaining an ongoing outreach and awareness program that educates citizens and community organizations about the mission of OPS and the services it provides.  Manage and allocate resources to assigned cases to ensure established business goals, prioritization and results are maintained. Ensure compliance with Department of Justice (DOJ) Consent Decree deliverables. Conduct timely review of completed cases in the City’s case management system for accuracy and completeness, and ensure final investigative reports are written per guidelines.  The Administrator will maintain a formal employee appraisal system to evaluate all OPS employees and be responsible for the training and professional development of the investigators and staff.  Prioritizes assignments and tasks to meet required deadlines.  Directs the preparation of annual budgets as requested; monitors and evaluates budget expenditures.  Performs other duties as required.

Additional and Preferred Department Qualifications

Four (4) years of full time, paid experience managing a civilian oversight organization or a program involving the conduct of investigations.
A Juris Doctorate or Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice, Public Administration or Public Safety related or management-related field is strongly preferred.
Possesses knowledge of the OPS and the Civilian Police Review Board (CPRB) organizational structure, functions and procedures.
Must possess clear and effective communication skills.
Must have the ability to communicate in writing to convey ideas in a logical and understandable manner, to compose comprehensive reports and other narrative documents.
Knowledge and experience in procedures and techniques involved in conducting investigations such as: collecting and preserving evidence; identifying and contacting witnesses; conducting interviews; report writing and case presentation.
Strong data management and analysis skills

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