Independent Police Monitor

City of Boulder

The Position
The Independent Police Monitor leads the operations of the Independent Police Oversight Office. This civilian role reports to the City Manager and provides independent oversight aimed at preventing inefficient and unlawful police operations. The Independent Police Monitor continues to set the operational philosophy of the Office and develops and maintains standard operating procedures to ensure all matters are handled in a thorough, objective, fair, and impartial manner. They work with a small staff of Administrative Assistants and Interns and collaborate to establish and update criteria and policy around reviewing, monitoring, assisting, overseeing, and advising on the investigation of internal and citizen complaints and other administrative investigations.

The Independent Police Monitor provides liaison activity to the Police Oversight Panel and partners with the co-chairs regarding the ongoing functions of the panel. They collaborate with panel members to expand awareness and increase community input that informs and shapes the panel’s work and overall mission. The Independent Police Monitor assists the panel by providing summaries of complaints and complaint investigations, data on monthly statistics, analysis of local policing trends, and access to national best practices. The Independent Police Monitor onboards new panel members and coordinates training opportunities for all members. Specifically, the Independent Police Monitor receives and processes complaints concerning police employees, monitors the complaint investigation, and recommends best practices to the Police Department during the course of an investigation. The Monitor performs ongoing quality assurance functions, including analyzing complaint trends and recommending changes to police policy, practices, and training.

The Independent Police Monitor embraces this unique role as an independent public servant monitoring the Police Department’s internal investigations and complaints and is excited by the opportunity to collaborate in further developing an Independent Police Oversight Office that is transparent, accountable, and responsive to the community. The successful candidate is motivated by and has a strong desire for community service, enhancing public health, and protecting the economic vitality of Boulder. A commitment to racial equity and an understanding of oppression and institutional racism is essential. The preferred candidate understands racial inequalities, specifically in the criminal justice system, and brings prior experience successfully working with multicultural communities. The Independent Police Monitor also demonstrates knowledge of social injustices and will quickly understand the community’s attitude toward the organization and our historical and contemporary race relations.

The Independent Police Monitor works to enhance community relationships and builds trust through ongoing community engagement opportunities. They proactively provide the community with reports related to the work of police oversight and auditing. Furthermore, the Monitor develops reports highlighting the work of the Independent Police Oversight Office and presents any findings and recommendations to the City Council, Police Oversight Panel, Police Chief, and the community. The Independent Police Monitor leverages data and utilizes information in reports to recommend visionary practices that streamline and enhance civilian oversight in policing. A natural convener and collaborator, the Independent Police Monitor recognizes the importance of relationships and partnerships at all levels. The successful candidate has a passion for developing positive community relations with the ability to build strong, yet independent working relationships with a wide variety of internal and external partners and community representatives. Hearing, balancing, and respecting a variety of views during the decision-making process, while conducting oversight activities openly and transparently, will be key. The successful candidate is an effective communicator and active listener who values honesty and integrity and believes in cultivating objectivity and independence to ensure against any perception of bias. While building strong and genuine relationships, the preferred candidate enjoys working independently with a high level of resiliency, including the ability to not personalize adversity.

A resilient and diplomatic leader, the Independent Police Monitor brings proven experience managing people, programs, and community relations. The successful candidate easily distills technical information and provides written and verbal presentations that are adapted to meet the needs of various audiences. The Independent Police Monitor demonstrates effective decision making and brings deep-rooted expertise in conflict resolution, addressing public confrontation, and interacting with the media. The ideal candidate has prior knowledge and experience in the operation, service, and activities of an oversight program. With significant experience in data analysis and trending, the Independent Police Monitor easily identifies trends and problems hindering progress and develops and implements best practices to drive necessary change.

Compensation and Benefits
The salary range for the Independent Police Monitor is $112,528 – $180,024 with an anticipated hiring range of $130,000 – $160,000 and will depend on the qualifications of the successful candidate. The City of Boulder is a progressive organization that values employee engagement and well-being. The City recognizes the importance of providing an encompassing health and life benefits program to employees, including Hybrid Work, Flex Schedules, Telehealth and Wellness Incentives, Infants and Dogs at Work Program, Local bus eco-Pass, and an Employee Discount Program on goods and services throughout the Boulder Community. Additional information can be viewed here.

How to Apply
Add your voice and talents to the City of Boulder and help them grow in service excellence for an inspired future. Applications will be accepted electronically by Raftelis at Applicants complete a brief online form and are prompted to provide a cover letter and resume. Open until filled with the first review of applications on May 30, 2023.

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