The Tallahassee Chapter of AIG (TCAIG) was established on March 9, 2001.  On May 12, 2010, the Chapter was officially renamed the Florida Chapter of the AIG. The Chapter operates under the authority of the Association of Inspectors General; a nonprofit corporation incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.   The Chapter is a not-for-profit entity chartered under the laws of the state within which it resides whose primary purpose is to provide a civic, educational, charitable, and benevolent organization for the exchange of ideas, information, education, knowledge, and training among municipal, local, state, national and international Inspectors General.   The Chapter shall foster and promote public accountability and integrity in the general areas of the prevention, examination, investigation, audit, detection, elimination and prosecution of fraud, waste and abuse, through policy research and analysis; standardization of practices, policies, conduct and ethics; encouragement of professional development by providing and sponsoring educational programs.