About Us

The District of Columbia Chapter of the Association of Inspectors General is an organization of governmental investigative professionals and audit professionals formed to provide a development network to:

• Provide continuing professional training and education to Inspectors General, Inspectors General Investigators, Inspectors General Auditors, and their staffs;
• Promote the adoption of ethical procedures in the conduct of government business, as well as sound Inspector General agency policies and standardized best practices;
• Encourage policy research and analysis; and,
• Engage in the exchange of ideas and information

The Association of Inspectors General, District of Columbia Chapter, consists of Inspectors General and professional staff who are responsible for promoting ethical conduct in government operations, providing oversight of agencies under their jurisdictions, and conducting fair, thorough, independent investigations of alleged misconduct.

The District of Columbia Chapter is affiliated with the National Association of Inspectors General.  The District of Columbia Chapter shares its goal of fostering and promoting public accountability and integrity in prevention, investigation, audit, detection, elimination and prosecution of waste, fraud, and abuse.  To these ends, the District of Columbia Chapter supports policy research and analysis; standardization of practices, policies, conduct, and ethics; encouragement of professional development; and the establishment of professional qualifications, certifications, and licensing.

Training seminars are presented by the Association of Inspectors General, District of Columbia Chapter, two to three times per year or as scheduled and are aimed at increasing member effectiveness, fostering critical thinking, and providing examples of the best practices in the field of internal governmental investigation.