Association of Inspectors General Opens Its Inspector General Institute® Doors to Two New Applicant Categories

The Association of Inspectors     General announced today that starting in 2023, the Professional Certification Board will accept applications from two new categories of applicants.  The new “cross-training track” and “non-OIG” categories will expand the Institutes® availability to the highly sought-after inspection and oversight training.  Offering those employed by an Office of Inspector General to seek cross-training into other specialty areas will enhance their skills and offer an added value to their agencies.  The “cross-training track” will award continuing professional education (CPE) credits, but will not result in the Certified Inspector General Certificate®.

Additionally, non-Office of Inspectors General agency employees will now be able to attend and enhance their skills through the four programs of the Inspector General Institute®.  The Association recognized that there are several oversight and inspection organizations that, while not officially created or titled as an inspector general, provide a valuable public service to their communities and expects that by offering this training opportunity that it will further enhance their capabilities in delivering that important public service. 

The weeklong Inspector General Institute® is offered twice a year and provides four specialized areas of concentration:  Leadership (Inspector General), Investigators, Auditors, and Inspector/Evaluator.  Applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and subject to space availability.  Priority will be given to those applicants who come from offices that perform similar oversight and inspection functions as inspector general offices and senior executive or administrative staff who interact with inspector general offices.  Those accepted will be able to attend all courses, receive continuing professional education (CPE) credits, and obtain a certificate of completion.  The two new applicant categories will not take the professional inspector general certification examination and will not receive the “Certified Inspector General” designation.

More information of the Inspector General Institute® and the courses offered may be obtained at our website Institute Info – The Association of Inspectors General.