Assn of Inspectors General – Agency Profile Project – Draft

Inspector General
Mary T Cagle

Office of Inspector General
Miami-Dade Office of the Inspector General
19 W Flagler, Suite 220, Miami Fl 33130


Description of Office
The Miami-Dade OIG was created by ordinance in December, 1997 as an independent agency of the County.  To ensure true independence we are funded through an IG contract fee that is incorporated into the contract price of most contracts and consists of one quarter of one percent of the contract price.  Additionally the process for selecting the IG is set by ordinance. We have 38 staff members consisting primarily of auditors, investigators, lawyers and contract oversight specialists. Our annual budget is $6M.  Our mission is to investigate and prevent fraud, waste, mismanagement, and abuse of power in Miami-Dade County and to recover public monies where possible.  We investigate employee misconduct, mismanagement in county departments, inappropriate change orders and a multitude of misconduct.  Our annual audit plan is published on our website. The contract oversight specialists are assigned to the legal unit and consist of an engineer stationed at the Water and Sewer Department and a former municipal budget director who focuses on the Public Health Trust and selected countywide procurements.

OIG Report – Title and Date
The Airport is one of the largest economic engines in the county.  The Hotel at the airport was managed through a management agreement that led to theft and mismanagement.  This report details both the arrests and, at the request of the Airport Director, all of the management issues that resulted in the abuse.

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