Member of the Asia-Pacific Chapter of AIG Deploying to Afghanistan

A member of the Asia-Pacific Chapter, AIG will deploy to Afghanistan this year to support the NATO training mission and combined security command for a one-year tour of duty.  LTC Jacky Westover will advise senior leaders of the Afghan National Army General Staff on the establishment, development and sustainment of the systems of the Inspector General.

LTC Jacky Westover, Member of the Asia-Pacific Chapter

Jacky will perform IG Assistance, Inspections, Investigations, and Teach and Train functions for the Commanding General of NATO Training Mission/Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan.  Her primary duties will include the management of external Audits and Inspections (e.g., SIGAR, GAO, DoD IG) of contracts involving Afghan Security Force Funds ($20 Billion).  She will also be the Contract Representative for the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Interior contractor support staff providing monthly assessment reports for each contract.  Jacky will provide oversight to IG internal controls and will supervise thirteen coalition/contractor IG staff and seven local national interpreters to ensure unity of effort and availability of adequate resources.  She will also assume the role of NATO Training Mission/Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan Inspector General in that IG’s absence.  Jacky has served on the Asia-Pacific Chapter Executive Committee and is a member of the chapter’s Board of Directors.