Meet the Staff


Janet O. Hicks, Junior Public Accountant

JanetOHicks_AIG1Janet O. Hicks, a native New Yorker, a part-time employee at Association of Inspectors General (“AIG”).  She is a full-time student at John Jay College of Criminal Justice studying Fraud Examination and Financial Forensics (BS) in New York, New York.  She is planning to graduate in Summer, 2017.  Janet intends to pursue the Master of Public Administration: Inspection and Oversight (“MPA-IO”) with a concentration in Inspection and Oversight. She discovered the Association of Inspectors General while researching the (“MPA-IO”) program.

As Junior Public Accountant, Janet provides financial support via accounting and digital forensics. She is also responsible for the preparation of financial reports, budgets, and payroll implementation.  Janet is proficient in managing multiple projects, meeting deadlines under pressure and acting as a supportive team member.  Working for (“AIG”) has been a valuable experience for her, allowing her to apply and put into practice, what she learned through coursework, on a daily basis.

Janet maintains memberships in good standing with the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Association of Inspectors General, Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting, and Phi Theta Kappa.


Vasily Cheipesh, Information Technology Specialist


Vasily Cheipesh is a Criminal Justice student at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He graduated John Jay College with a bachelor’s of science in Criminal Justice and a minor in Philosophy. His education at John Jay College gave him opportunities to improve his technical skills and public relations, for which he also practices while on law enforcement patrol.

Given his law enforcement experience and technical knowledge, Vasily began to volunteer at the Association of Inspectors General® (AIG) in 2015 and became the Association’s Information Technology (IT) specialist. As an IT Specialist, Vasily provides all technical support essential for all of the Association’s activities. Moreover, Vasily is accountable for administering the AIG semi-annual Certified Inspector General Institute® and Conferences. He is also responsible for the Association’s certifications, Continuing Professional Education (CPE), and website administration. Currently, Vasily is a Masters of Public Administration student at John Jay College specializing in inspection and oversight.

In addition to Vasily’s education, he continues to improve his foreign language skill by practicing Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, and Chinese. On his free time, he continues to play the piano since his graduation from Korolivska music academy in Korolevo, Ukraine in 2006.

Ersilja Reci, Assistant Executive Director for Membership

Ersilja Reci is an international student at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and the Association’s Assistant Executive Director for Membership. Prior to her involvement with the Association, Ersilja studied in Italy and Austria and became certified in German, Italian, Albanian, and French. Ersilja’s passion for foreign languages led her to now learn Russian as a part of her student experience.

In 2016, Ersilja enrolled at John Jay College to study fraud examination and plans to further her education in public administration to learn more about government inspection and oversight. Ersilja’s education and work experience is preparing her for a future career as a fraud examiner.

Since childhood, Ersilja was always fascinated with Baroque art and continues to visit art exhibits in New York City. Her personal hobby is collecting art throughout her travels around the world.


Frank Chen, Assistant Executive Director 


Frank is a doctoral student at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He became interested in the AIG when he enrolled in the Introduction to Government Inspection and Oversight course taught by Phil Zisman, the first Inspector General for the City of Yonkers. Frank first volunteered at the Association while pursuing his Master’s degree in Public Administration and now works as the Assistant Executive Director. At the AIG, Frank provides administrative and technical support for all of the Association’s activities. He is also responsible for planning the Association’s semi-annual Inspector General Institute® and annual conference.

Frank earned his BS in Economics and MPA-IO at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He also teaches for the Department of Public Administration and the Department of Economics.

Outside of the work place, Frank studies Chinese and Russian. In addition to his interest in languages, Frank is a certified master of Wushu-Martial Arts earning two world championship medals in 2004 and 2005.