The Association of Inspectors General seeks to foster and promote public accountability and integrity in the general areas of prevention, examination, investigation, audit, detection, elimination and prosecution of fraud, waste and abuse, through policy research and analysis; standardization of practices, policies, conduct and ethics; encouragement of professional development by providing and sponsoring educational programs; and the establishment of professional qualifications, certifications, and licensing.


The goals of the Association of Inspectors General are to:

  • Encourage professional development and provide a professional network
  • Foster policy research and analysis
  • Standardize practices, policies, conduct, and ethics
  • Sponsor educational programs
  • Establish professional qualifications, certifications and licensing
  • Encourage interdisciplinary scholarship
  • Conduct joint educational ventures
  • Exchange information and ideas
  • Identify trends


On July 1, 1996, approximately thirty inspectors general and professional staff met in Atlanta, Georgia.  The group recognized the growing trend of the inspector general concept on the federal, state, local, and international level. The need for an organization to provide leadership in the promotion of integrity efforts in government became evident.

The Association of Inspectors General was officially established at a meeting on October 26, 1996 by a formal signing ceremony held in Historic Carpenters’ Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The official meeting established the framework for the Association and concluded with the signing of the Association’s charter by 49 individuals including inspectors general, professional staff and educators from across the country.

Each year following the official meeting, the Association has held four-day biannual conferences in locations such as New Orleans, Boston and Chicago. The Association also established a monthly newsletter and a website to keep members current on trends and issues in the field and abreast of Association activities.

The Association of Inspectors General is incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.